Thursday, December 27, 2012

Getting it Done

This morning did not go as planned.

I really have to be careful with my new morning routine. I've realized that unless I get ready to go, I get lazy and feel like putting it off for later (and run the risk of not going at all).

I did not feel like going to the gym this morning. I was still feeling tired from the night before. Although I slept relatively early, I had a very restless night. For the past two nights I've been having very, very vivid dreams that have been disturbing/upsetting. I normally have quite vivid dreams and remember them upon waking. However, these dreams have been different. I've been waking up feeling a bit anxious or upset. Anyway.

So this morning I did not go to the gym. I felt like I needed some time in the house to catch up on things (blogs, next year's budget, continuing my unending list of things to do, work on my new schedule etc.). I sat down with a cup of green tea and go to it.

I definitely felt a bit better after getting a few tasks done, like I was finally getting on track, but I think that battling my procrastination tendencies will be my main focus in 2013. I know it can sound like I'm energetic and always on the go, but I can be quite a slacker sometimes!

Today was my last day of work for the semester. Since I work in a government institute we follow a different schedule from the American/British schools here so our holiday doesn't usually coincide with Christmas (though I do get the day off). I don't go back to work until mid-Jan!! :) With this much time off I'd usually travel, but given that I've just come back from a trip, there are no travel plans. I'm glad to be staying put as there is much to be done at home!

After getting home and having lunch (leftover shrimp and vegetables cooked in coconut milk) and doing a few more tasks, I started to get lazy about working out.

I told myself that I could always just workout at home, but I knew inside that my efforts would be half-hearted.

I wanted to exercise, but I just didn't feel like it -- does that make sense?

I was reading some blog posts and then one of Norma's posts came up - "Expect to KICK ASS and then fucking DO IT" and "Start fixing it NOW" are the two sentences that stuck out the most for me ... so even though it was 5 p.m., I quickly threw on my gym clothes, grabbed my gym bag, and headed out in hopes to catch the 6 p.m. RPM class.

I made it. I did it. I felt great.

It was just one of those days where I needed a little extra push. Luckily I got it (thanks Norma!) and going to an exercise class was perfect to help me stay focused and get a good hour of sweat on.

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  1. Good for you for going - I know I'm struggling to find motivation to work out after work. I'm always just exhausted! But I have no options anymore, so I'm working to squash my excuses.

    We always feel better after, right?


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