Saturday, December 22, 2012


I had every intention of working out yesterday ... and today ... but I found myself caught in a deep sleep instead. Part of it is jet-lag and part of it is probably the lack of sleep and exhaustion from all the wedding events. In any case, as guilty as I feel about not working out these past two days, I do not feel bad for sleeping because, let's face it, I really don't sleep enough.

So, hopefully after a good night's sleep tonight I'll be good to go and ready to attach the rest of my semester and the rest of this year with energy and enthusiasm.

Today's main plan was to catch up on blogs (I believe I've made it to everyone's blog who posted in the past week), update my list of things-to-do (slightly intimidating with how much stuff I need to get done), and plan my food for the week.

My menu and grocery list are complete. I'm all set for food for tomorrow so now it's just about getting organized and putting the plan into action!

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  1. Deep sleeps are awesome, they make me feel like my body is recharging. Sort of like when you plug your phone in overnight.


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