Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Getting Sorted!

I didn't make it to the gym today. I try my best to workout even when I've got terrible cramps, but today it just wasn't happening. My cramps were excruciating (to the point of almost passing out). Add the fatigue of only getting 3 hours of sleep from the night before ... it just wasn't happening. I don't like taking days off from the gym, but sometimes that's the way it works out. I know I have the discipline to keep up with my routine. Today my body said no so I listened. So, I took it relatively easy through the day but did manage to get quite a few things organized.

I'm still sorting through clothes. I really didn't know I had so many. I feel like I've been throwing clothes out for months. Actually now I'm giving away my clothes from last winter and I'm also letting go of even more summer/fall clothes that I clung on to from before. Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of this. What was wonderful was fitting into several clothes that I had bought ages ago and fitting into them with some room to spare. Some will be taken to the tailor to be altered, others can be worn as is, and some need to be donated as well.

2013 Goals
I also sat down and worked on figuring out my goals for 2013. I've signed up for Rebecca's 13 in 13 challenge (click here to join) to help me stay focused next year. I've come up with 10 goals so far; I need to figure out 3 more. I'm trying to be as specific as possible, and I'm also writing down consequences for not reaching any goals (if that happens).

Food Plan
My menu for the week has been written out. I have two social events next week that I have to work around, but other than that, it should be a smooth start to 2013. As always, planning is key!

Nutrition Studies
I have been a total slacker when it has come to my Specialist in Fitness Nutrition course (through the International Sports Science Association). I finally sat down and went through the module and completed the first quiz:

I'm such a nerd (and proud of it) :) So, it's a good start. Completing this course is definitely a goal for 2013!

I'm struggling with structuring my workout schedule for next year as timings are changing for some of the classes, and they're clashing with other classes ... I really need to figure out what I'll be doing and when ... and in a way that doesn't leave me broke!


  1. Sometimes you have to listen to your body. :)

    Great job on the first nutrition quiz - I too have let my studies fall aside, and unfortunately, this year is shaping up to be full of different priorities...

    Good luck with your 13 in 13 goals - I still have a few to choose too. :)

  2. Hey hey! I am 13 in 13'ing too, look forward to doing it together x

  3. Hi! I'm sure I told you this before, but don't feel too bad if you can't exercise all of the times you wanted. Days off can actually make a person improve in the gym. I go to the gym only 2 days per week (5 hours on the weekend) and still get great results. So don't let the scheduling clashes get you down.

    :-) Marion

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  5. hope you feel better soon


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