Friday, December 7, 2012

Success all Around

I spent 11 hours on my feet cooking and preparing for yesterday's dinner party. Usually, even before the guests have arrived and definitely by the time they have left, I am exhausted and my feet, legs, and back feel like they're on fire ...

Not last night. I was really surprised at how relaxed and good I felt even after doing all the tidying up etc. after the night was over. I'm sure it has to do with both the weight I've lost and the strength I've gained.

It was just great to see/feel yet one more aspect of my life that has been positively affected by all the effort I've been putting in to taking care of my health. I mean, I know that all the changes have been good for me, but it just gives a bit of extra validation when you see/feel it in action.

So, the belated Thanksgiving feast was a success. My friends' reaction to the spread, especially the 24 lb. turkey, was one of completely surprise and awe - just like me during my first Thanksgiving celebration. It was something that we had only really ever seen on TV ... and then to experience it ... well, I'm glad that I was able to share that joy with others.

The dinner featured turkey, sweet potatoes (just baked with olive oil, salt, and pepper), string beans (lightly sautéed in olive oil and garlic, chick peas in tomato sauce (a touch of Bangladesh), quinoa stuffing (made with zucchini and mushrooms), and a few other dishes.

I did my best to keep it healthy and guilt free, and I do think I did a good job :)

I didn't make it to the gym yesterday, so I wanted to make sure I did some exercise today.
I headed to my regular gym (The Palms) for a cardio session. It felt really, really good to just put my music on, get on the cross-trainer, and move. I didn't have to worry about weights or punching anything -- my upper body got some much needed rest. It felt great :)


  1. That looks so good! Well done for keeping it guilt-free :)

  2. Smiles...just smiles:)

  3. Your table looks beautiful! And I <3 this post! :)

  4. Looks wonderful. So glad you got to share with your friends and also that you are stronger now. Smiles.


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