Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back on the Bike

It seems like lately every morning starts with a debate, which is very unlike me. I usually have a detailed plan of what I'm going to do each day and I stick to it. However, for the past week I seem to kind of been going with the flow. It's mainly because my PhD writing has to be a priority, so if I wake up and I'm in the mood to write, then I can sit down and do it without feeling like I'm skipping a workout. On the other hand, if I don't feel like writing, then I can finish my workout earlier and then focus once that's done -- just trying to go with the flow.

This morning I woke up really early (4 a.m.) so I got a head start on some of my PhD work. As 7 a.m. was rolling around I start my internal debate - Should I go to RPM at 8 a.m. and just finish my workout for the day or should I skip it - should I stay or should I go ... ... ... Even as I was getting ready for the gym I continued flip-flopping between the two. Why is it so difficult to come up with a definitive answer? I stress myself out with all the internal discussions. I know part of the hesitation was because of my breathing - would I be ready for RPM class? I haven't
done it in ages. Will I push myself too far by going? I knew I needed to do something today, and I've got weights planned for tomorrow ... so ...

Anyway. I ended up going. D was giving the class this morning and
he's my favorite trainer, so that was a bonus. I don't think he was amused that I had a cough drop in my mouth as we went through the tracks, but still, I had to take some precaution against coughing ... and yes, I was conscious enough about having it in my mouth to make sure I didn't swallow it. It all went well until the middle of track 5 -- which is intense intervals. I had to slow it down just a little and lighten my resistance but I kept going. My cough drop had finished by this point and I was tempted to get off my bike to get another because tracks 6 and 7 were really tough. Still, mind over matter - just push through, relax your breathing and just push through. Whew. Relief.

I love RPM class. I think it's a great cardio workout, but you really do need to push yourself. It's
easy to 'cheat' if you want to by reducing your resistance and just peddling, but I tell you, it's harder if you do it that way. Plus, what's the point of coming to the class if you're not ready to give it 100%. The music is fab, and I love that D knows which tracks I dislike so he modifies the workout and avoids those tracks. That's why he's my favorite :) I do miss not going to the class as regularly as I used to, but it's tough to work it into my schedule at the moment. I'm sure I'll get back into it at some point - after I finish my thesis, but for now, I'll try and make it once a week if I can. Workout done for the day!

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