Monday, July 25, 2011

Seeing is Believing? or Trust what You're Feeling

Ideally, I’d love to see the results of my workouts immediately. Who wouldn’t? But I’m sure anyone who has attempted to get healthy/fitter/lose weight knows that it’s a slow and steady process … and that you’ve got to be patient. That for me is the toughest part – I’m not patient. I can put in the hours at the gym and I can watch what I’m eating, but I’m still impatient. I’ve already mentioned a few times – is this new workout plan really working? The new calorie intake, the focus on weight lifting, the days of rest … is it working? Of course the only way I’ll know is if I stick to the plan. I have to keep in mind that change does not happen overnight. Obvious, but still it’s something that I need to remind myself on a daily basis. Stick to the plan. Keep moving forward. Of course it’s frustrating that no changes can be seen on the scales, but I can’t deny that my jeans are a bit looser and I feel lighter and stronger in general … but still …


I completed workout 3 – upped my shoulder press dumbbell weight to 7 kg – something that I’ve never been able to do. In fact, I’d struggle at lifting 3 kg before. Perhaps the rest between days of weight lifting really is giving my muscles a chance to recover and get stronger? Perhaps. Managed to up a few of the other weights as well. Positive changes!

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  1. Trust what you're feeling. Trust what you're feeling. Trust what you're feeling.


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