Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying to listen

I woke up this morning feeling no better than the past few days. It was so frustrating. The inhaler that my doctor gave me seems to be having no effect, and I haven't been sleeping that well because of this cough ... On the bright side, I have been eating well - just following the meal plan that I set up a few days ago. However, how am I supposed to balance good nutrition and exercise when I feel so lousy and am not able to give my workouts 100%?

This morning I didn't know what to do -- people always tell me, listen to your body. If you're tired/unwell, it's better to rest and go back to the gym when you're feeling better ... but do you
know how difficult it is to resist? I feel weak and disappointed. I should be strong enough to just get on with all the things I need to get done ... but it doesn't seem to be going that way.

So, today, I decided to 'listen' to my body and I grudgingly stayed home - feeling irritated because now my workout schedule is off by a day and I don't know if I'm going to be well enough to go in tomorrow either ... but hey, it's the right move, right? Right? I don't know.

In any case, I decided to take advantage of taking the day 'off' and use it to get other things done - loads of laundry, tons of paperwork, and a few other errands. The list of things to do was endless - and while I did accomplish quite a lot, there's more to be done ... hmmm, maybe I ended up having a bit of a workout after all?

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  1. I'm sure there are thousands of people out there who would use any excuse not to go to the gym. You need to be able to breathe.


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