Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workout 2 Complete!

I felt so bad for not going to the gym yesterday that I was determined to go today, no matter what the circumstances. Thank goodness I wasn't feeling too terrible today. I ended up going in the afternoon, which is always nice because I got to catch up with quite a few of my friends who I hadn't seen in a few weeks.

I started off with just a light 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill - no cross-trainer
for me until my breathing gets better. Then I went off to do workout B - Dead-lifts, shoulder presses, wide lateral pulls, lunges, and Swiss ball crunches ... I upped the weight on some of the exercises and kept it the same on others. Overall, I didn't feel too bad at all - though I have to say, I am still surprised at how much I sweat during the exercises! Again, looking at just 5 exercises at 2 sets of 15 seems like nothing at all ... yet, it is challenging, especially if you maintain proper form and use as much weight as possible. Anyway. I finished off with just 15 minutes of light walking on the treadmill. It wasn't so much for a cardio exercise as it was just to help me practice maintaining my breathing.

I'm really glad that I went. I was starting to panic. I have exactly enough time to finish stage 1 of NROL4W before I travel - so I can't afford to really skip any workouts. I need to stay motivated and focused.

So now, Stage 1, Workout 2 - complete!

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