Sunday, July 31, 2011

NROL4W – Progress: Workouts 3&4

Stage 1

Workout A Workout 3/Workout 4 [2 sets of 12 for each workout]

Squats 25/25/25/25 [increase 13 kg since workout 1]

Push-ups body weight

Seated row 27.5/34/34/34 [increase 20.5 kg since workout 1]

Step up 5kg/6kg/6kg/6kg [height 5 steps; increase 2 kg since workout 1]

Prone jackknife body weight [2 sets of 10]

Workout B Workout 3/Workout 4 [2 sets of 12 for each workout]

Deadlifts 30kg/35kg/35kg/37kg [increase 12 kg since workout 1]

Shoulder press 6kg/7kg/7kg/7kg [increase 3 kg since workout 1]

Lateral pull 34kg/34kg/34kg/34kg [increase 7 kg since workout 1]

Lunges 6kg/7kg/7kg/7kg [increase 1 kg since workout 1]

Swiss ball crunch body weight [2 sets of 10]

It’s been a bit tough getting through this portion because of my bronchitis, but I did the best I could. I’m just focusing on improving each time and making sure to keep a positive attitude – I can do it.

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  1. Yes. Stay positive. Listen to your body. Challenge yourself, but don't overdo it. Watch your posture. :)


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