Monday, November 28, 2011

Subconscious Desires

This morning, I got into my car and started driving ... at least five minutes had gone past before I noticed that I was not on my way to work but rather was on the highway leading to the gym -- my subconscious was definitely taking over! If only I was strong enough ... I did stop by at the gym today though to see one of the trainers. It felt so good to be there ... hopefully I'll be able to get into a routine, even if it's an easy one, after I return from my trip.

Speaking of the trip - today was utter chaos in terms of getting things organized. I was originally going to leave on Wednesday, but because of the strikes going on in the UK, I had to change my flight to tomorrow morning - cutting out 24 hours of my planning time! Right after I changed my flight I realize that my passport was still at the Argentinian Embassy ... which was closed today!! I almost had a complete meltdown - but D saved the day!! He told me to call the Argentinian embassy in Abu Dhabi and see if they could help ... sure enough, they could! They gave me the mobile number of the ambassador who assured me he would get me my passport today ... and half an hour later, I had my passport in my hand!! This is a very mild retelling of the story - it was much more chaotic and stressful when it was happening!

So, I've got my passport and my flights and hotel are booked ... now I've just got to finish packing and figure out what I can wear to comfortably get through the upcoming journey.

Normally I'd be fretting over packing in gym clothes, but I know that I won't be working out in DC, but I do hope that I'll do quite a bit of walking.

Ok - there's lots to be done before my flight in a few hours.

I'm not sure how much I'll be posting over the next few days - but I'll try to blog whenever possible!


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