Thursday, May 3, 2012

Star of the Night

I had a busy day, though it was punctuated with periods of catching up with friends, so it didn't feel too stressful. I didn't do my usual morning workout because I really needed to get some grading done before heading to work, so I started to tackle that task. Work was fine - test day for my students, so all I needed to do was watch them. Boring as hell, but at least I managed to get a bit of marking done at that time too.

I headed straight to the gym after work - but didn't make it into the actual gym until 3 hours later because I met some friends at one of the restaurants in the gym complex and we ended up chatting. I had a delicious fruit salad for lunch :)

Once I made it into the gym I ran into more people that I hadn't seen for a while, including two of the trainers who have been away for the past month on holiday, so it was a big catch up session.

There are definitely some days (most days actually) when I just want to go in and do my workout. Today, however, I was in a chatty mood. I guess with all the running around with my in-laws and my other stresses, I just kinda wanted to laugh and unwind. It felt good.

I eventually made it to the cross-trainer and did a nice intense hour before having to get off and rush to dinner with the in-laws, my parents, and some of my parents' friends.

I wasn't sure how the night would turn out because it was going to be an outdoor BBQ by the seaside. It sounded good, but I wondered what I would eat. I had originally planned on making myself a salad or something vegetarian to take with me because I knew nobody would have brought anything other than chicken/meat etc. However, I didn't have time. So I thought I'd just wing it. See what there is; if there's something for me good, if not, I'll either wait until later or maybe have some bread (something that I definitely didn't want).

I was right - it was all chicken, meat, and hot dogs. I did regret not bringing something of my own because at that point I was really hungry.

All of a sudden, my mom pulled out a container with a chick pea dish that I absolutely love. She said she brought it especially for me since she wasn't sure what vegetarian options there would be tonight {by the way, when the others - the other Bangladeshis - heard that I was vegetarian, they were absolutely shocked! Meat/Chicken is such a big part of our traditional dishes. They just didn't understand why I would give it all up!}. Anyway. I was SO touched. She even said that she measured out one portion for me and had cut a carrot and cucumber salad (no dressing) for me to have.

I was so moved. *sigh* I love my mom :) She was totally my star of the night!

Picture taken at one of my pre-wedding ceremonies - me and mom


  1. I didn't realize how pretty you are! Very pretty eyes.

    What a great picture of you and your Mom.

    :-) Marion

    1. Thanks Marion! You made me blush!

  2. What an AWESOME mom!!! Beautiful pic of you two!

    1. Thank you!! I was truly touched by her gesture :)

  3. Great picture of you and your mom! So pretty : )
    And that's awesome that she brought food for you. It's so much easier to get through this with support!

    1. Thank you :)
      It really does help when others around you are at least aware of the efforts that you're making!

  4. Aw, what a great thing your mom did for you! Fabulous pic, too!


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