Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Back to Normal - Kinda

Up at 3 a.m. [just over 3 hours of sleep total]
Didn't stress about it since I had so much work to do - just got down to it.

Had the oven on at 5:15, had my first attempt at omelet muffins in the oven by 5:30. Breakfast was ready by 6 (2 whole eggs, 3/4 cup egg whites plus different diced veggies - bake 30 minutes). They came out really well.

Work was a bit chaotic as my students have their midterm exam tomorrow. I managed to calm them down a bit. I don't think they realize how much teachers worry about how well they're going to do. I definitely worry for them!

Spent 3 hours working on my research/writing (had a fruit salad for lunch) then headed in to the gym.

Pain was at about a 6/10 today -- much better than yesterday, so I just powered through.

The lack of sleep started to catch up on me, but I managed to get out 30 minutes on the treadmill followed by some work on my triceps, back, and my pull-ups.

I have to say, I like the way my arms are starting to look!

Made a yummy grilled salmon salad and vegged in front of the TV for an hour.

It's just past 10 p.m. now and I am knackered!!

Off to bed in a bit - hope I can make up some of the lost hours of sleep from last night.

Only 3 days left of the Whole Life Challenge!! You can check out that blog for more of my ramblings :)

Omelet Muffins (w/mushrooms, bell peppers, and tomatoes)


  1. the omelet muffins look yummy - is there a recipe?

    1. I'll post a recipe soon :)


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