Friday, November 16, 2012

Much Better

I can't tell you how good it felt to send off my document at 6 this morning. What a huge weight off my chest!

The thing with being so distracted in a task like that is that I find it tough to get back to a routine. I know that when I'm busy I make do - exercise when I can, eat as good as possible. I keep up my good habits, but I also get a bit careless. I don't exercise with 100% effort or I do something 'easy'; I don't enjoy the food I eat and sometimes (often) just throw a bunch of ingredients together just for the sake of eating something.

I know these aren't the worst things in the world, but they bug me and I know it's something I want to work on.

Today was a totally get back to normal type of day - I went out for breakfast with D. I had my usual Friday break fast of smoked salmon, a bowl of hummus, and a plate of chopped cucumbers and tomatoes plus a cup of green tea.

I finally headed to the supermarket and restocked the fridge. That always makes me feel better - lots of fresh veggies and lots of fish all waiting to be cooked! They had a major stock of Egg Whites come in so I was thrilled. I'm stocked up until the 1st week of January :) No protein problems here!

I spent a bit of time this afternoon tidying up. It felt good to see things in my home office start to take shape again. This project, however, will take quite a few days.

Then I headed to CrossFit. We did pure strength training today -- man was it a workout!!

The good news -- I did about 40 double-unders!! Again, not in a row, but they're getting much, much better. Each time I succeed I get a bit more confidnet. I just have to balance that confidence with the feelings of frustration of not being able to do more. Patience. Patience Patience.

Our strength training was bench presses, but on the floor instead of on a bench. Being in the CrossFit Box where we're all on the floor covered in our (and who knows who else's) sweat has helped take some of the edge off my germaphobia. Today was another test to that. It felt a bit strange doing bench presses off the floor. I had never done them before. I worked my way up to 60kg (132 lbs) but with some assistance. I'll get it on my own soon.

Our WOD:

6 rounds
Barbell rows: adding weight at each round; I got up to 55 kg (121 lbs) [8 reps; only 5 the last 2 rounds]
Push-ups: 10/round [I did a total of 45 on my toes! The most I've ever done - I surprised myself!]
Pull-ups: with a band, but getting better [10 reps/round]

As always, there are some WODs that don't sound like much but are killers!

I've got something exciting going on tomorrow -- stay tuned :)

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  1. Well done for getting it all finished!! I know exactly how you feel I've got a 3 hour exam coming up in 2 weeks time and can think of nothing else right now!


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