Monday, November 5, 2012

Take Time to Bother

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Do I go to Body Balance today?
I'm still not feeling 100%. Plus I may need to stay a bit longer at work so I'm not sure if I'll make it. Should I even bother?

Do I go to CrossFit today?
Again, I'm still not feeling 100%. I've got cramps. I'm cranky. I know that burpees and other jumping exercises will be tough and uncomfortable. Should I even bother?

The answer to both questions: Yes.

I didn't come up with that answer from the start. I ummed and aahhhed a lot and then decided - y'know what, pack your Manduka mat & yoga clothes and put them in the car. If things work out, go. If not, well, then they didn't work out.

In the end, it worked out. Of course it did. Why do I even hesitate?

After coming back from BodyBalance I felt much better. I struggled with a few poses that I normally don't have any difficulty with, but still, I went and I tried, and I'm glad.

With that attitude I told myself - go to CrossFit. Just do the best you can.

I went. It was tough. I didn't enjoy the burpees at all (but then, I never do) -- but I got it done.

I know that I've written before about my indecisiveness. I wonder why I haven't gotten over it yet? Why do I still have doubts as to what the right choice is? The answer is clear. It's always clear. I always know what the healthier food choice is. I know that exercising, even a little bit, is better than no exercise. It's always worth the effort, and I always feel better after having made the right (obvious) choice ... yet I still hesitate.

This hesitation is really starting to irritate me. Will it ever leave? Will the thought of - Let me just push through - ever go and I just do it naturally?

By the end of today I had one motto in mind: Plan for Success. 

Pack your gym bag and take it with you. Take the time to prepare healthy meals/snacks. When you've planned for success, there's a much, much smaller chance that that you'll make a bad choice.

(PS: I know I'm really behind on commenting on blogs. I'll get to them soon.)


  1. "When you've planned for success, there's a much, much smaller chance that that you'll make a bad choice."

    This is the greatest advice! I fail when I don't have a plan. My weight gain from this past summer is proof of it.

    1. Planning has been key! Even if it seems like I don't/won't have the time, at least making an attempt usually finds me more successful at fitting it in than not.

  2. You know the saying: The only workout you'll ever regret is the one you skip.

    You can't feel your best every day; every workout cannot top the one before it. Getting them done COUNTS, even if your performance isn't 100%. Which you totally demonstrated! :) way to go!

    1. I agree. I know from past experience that usually once I get going it'll be ok. Just gotta get there and try!


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