Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rest of My Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is over - and now it's time for the next phase: The Rest of My Life.

I'm sure that I'll continue to enter small challenges - virtual and real - because I find that goal setting really helps keep me on task. However, aside from that I need to set some goals/guidelines for myself so that I continue to work hard and move forward.


Fitness related

  • CrossFit - My coach has suggested I start training for a competition early next year. Although this slightly intimidates me, I think having a target (and a bit of pressure that others will be watching me) is good for me. It'll help me push a bit more and hopefully take my strength to the next level. Goal: CrossFit 3x/week
  • Boxing - I definitely want to incorporate more boxing into my schedule. Right now my sessions are a bit sporadic and that doesn't sit too well with me. I've confirmed a Wednesday night session, but I'd really, really like to get in two other sessions. I just don't know when/where. This needs some work Current goal: Boxing 1x/week; Final goal: Boxing 3x/week
  • Cardio - I need to finish C25K!!!! I'm so close to finishing, but I just haven't found the time to get to the gym to do it. I know that's a silly excuse, but it just takes so much mental energy to work up the courage to run that unless I'm mentally ready for it, it seems useless. I need to push past the fear and just do it already! Goal: Finish C25K by the end of this year! Also, we use the row machine in CrossFit quite a bit -- I need to improve my technique and time, so Cardio Goal 2: Row 500m in under 2 min by the end of the year.
  • Zumba - I did the training last month and have hardly done anything with my certification. I need to work on my routine and find a place to teach, even if it's just once a week. Goal: Come up with 2 set routines by the end of November. Find a place to teach by the end of December.
  • Skills - There are a few skills I really need to work on to help me improve my overall fitness - tricep strength; back strength; core strength; my jumps (box jumps/double unders). I'm working on a plan so that I can spend 15-20 minutes working on these skills a couple times a week. Goal: Fit in regular practice at least 5x a week
As you can see, there's a lot I want to do -- scheduling may end up being a nightmare!! 

Food related
  • Plan my menu in advance -- planning has really been the key to keeping me on track with my eating. It helps me with my grocery shopping as I only buy things that are needed for that week's meals and it helps me when it comes to figuring out what to eat (because that inevitably leads to munching)
  • Figure out what to keep/omit in my diet -- I'll be playing around just a little with some of the ingredients that I left out for the WLC just to see how they make me feel and whether or not I really miss them. The main thing in this category is dairy and grains. Will having a protein shake on weight lifting days help or hinder me? Will having a quinoa salad once a week have an impact? I don't know. I think I need to figure these things out and then make a decision for myself as to what I want/don't want to have in my diet. 
  • Eat clean all the time/eat mega-clean 90% of the time -- I was looking up info on Eat Clean vs. Paleo. I'm actually surprised at how many things are considered eating clean (e.g. a bit of dairy, whole grains, and legumes) vs. Paleo which is a lot stricter. Eating clean will be easy considering what I just went through the the WLC (the same as Paleo except we were allowed beans & legumes). I'm definitely sticking to eating clean all the time and limiting my dairy/grains/legumes intake 90% of the time. this is the plan - we'll see how it goes.
I really liked this chart:


  • Set aside 3 days of 4-5 hour stretches for pure writing/research/academia -- After getting my PhD I've been dragging my heels with this and seem to only be writing when I'm under intense pressure of a deadline. I need to set aside some dedicated time if I really want to pursue this and move further in my career
  • Learn more about health/fitness/nutrition/physiology -- I've totally neglected my nutrition studies. I need to get back to that and finish the certification and then move on to learn more. I've developed not just an interest in this field but also a passion. I'd love to do more in the fitness industry itself, but for right now I just want to learn as much as I can ... maybe one day I'll figure out a way to give more back

  • Continue daily morning yoga for at least 15 minutes a day
  • Mediate for at least 10 minutes a day
  • Go to at least 2 Body Balance/Pilates/Yoga classes a week -- even though I can exercise on my own, having someone else guide you (and provide variety to your routine) really makes it go easier
  • Take time to connect with friends and family -- I've always been a good 'keep-in-touch' person, but lately I've been neglecting to return emails on time
General goal for body, mind, and soul: Get 6 hours of sleep per 24 hour period. I had originally wanted to make this goal 7 hours of sleep, but it just hasn't been possible. I really, really want to work towards getting 6 hours, even if it's just 4 1/2 hrs at night and a 1 1/2 hr nap during the day. I can't keep up all this activity without proper rest!


  1. Hi PlumPetals! You have so many fitness goals! I personally would take them one goal at a time for a while. I used to have a lot of fitness goals at once, but none of them were accomplished when I was so tired from everything else. When one goal is put as first priority for a month of so, the progress is more obvious.

    I have personally found no benefits from protein shakes, and I'd rather eat a can of albacore tuna. So I eat the tuna.

    :-) Marion

  2. I am definitely aware that I've listed a lot of goals. I don't know if/how I'll get through them all, but I've got to try. I just want to see what I can achieve by the end of the year and then try and streamline my training.

    I think I'll be sticking to tuna too :)


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