Thursday, November 8, 2012

Workout at Home

As soon as I got to my desk at 5 this morning I knew that I wouldn't be leaving the house. There was just so much to be done. So another day of working out at home.

Aside from my basic yoga stretches that I've been doing regularly, I warmed up (dynamic stretching) and did a combination of the following:

15 forward jabs (per arm)
15 upper cuts (per arm)
15 hooks (per arm)
50 front kicks (per leg)

15 squats
15 walking lunges (per leg)
50 ab crunches
15 glute raises w/1 leg raised (per leg)
15 side leg raises (per leg)
50 sec hold plank position

Repeat 3x

Cool down stretches

It doesn't take long, you work up a good sweat, and you basically have a full-body workout - no equipment needed.

All you need is commitment and some good music!


  1. At least you did something. You will have burnt some calories. Having the motivation to workout at home can me hard when you have things to do or have had a long hard busy day. So it's great that you made the time to exercise at home.

  2. I can do all of those things except the last one. I'm going to try it. :)


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