Sunday, November 18, 2012

Feelin' it!

Today, my legs are sore. More specifically, my quads are sore. The good thing is that they are nowhere near as sore as my legs were after the 10k in February. After that run I could barely walk for 2 days. This is more like a post-crazy, intense workout sore & I definitely like this kind of sore ... though I'm ready for it to be over.

I had a great boxing session today. I still need to work on quite a bit of my technique, mainly my upper cuts, but some of my punches are getting really good. Something new we did today completely took my session to another level.

We practiced defense, but not me in gloves and my coach with the pads coming at me ... no, this time he put on gloves too.

Let me tell you. It is completely different when you see a fist (albeit in a boxing glove) coming towards your face. It's scary.

I hated that I felt intimidated and scared, but that was the reality. Coach's glove tapping at my gloves, coming at my head - jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts -- and I had to defend myself.

No real punches were thrown, but light contact was made and that initial light contact took some getting used to.

We only did 4 1-minute rounds of this ... but it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more so I asked Coach to practice some more with me after class.

I loved it.

I like the challenge of having to get over that fear. Of being able to look your opponent in the eyes, predict the punch that's coming, defend yourself, AND strike back.

It was so cool and damn tough.

I'm still scared and my first instinct is still to crouch down and put my hands over my head - but that's the best challenge. Facing that fear and hitting back.

I can't wait for the next class!

In other Women's Fighting news -- Ronda Rousey has been signed the first UFC women's champion.

Can't wait to see her fight!


  1. I wish my gym had boxing, it sounds SO FUN!

    We have a coach who is a boxing Champion from Romania, but he only leads a Boxing/type cardio class called Romanian conditioning. I don't feel like I'm learning any actual fighting SKILLS.

    I've heard some crossFit gyms have self defense tho!

    Is that what your class is???

    I love that you actually had to defend yourself against your coach, that could REALLY come in handy someday!!!!!

    Keep on keepin' on girl!


  2. I admire your nerve to take up boxing! I'm still struggling to get past Yoga 101. *GRIN*

    You're very inspiring!

  3. I know I would be very afraid if someone was swinging at me. As always, you are doing awesome! :)


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