Friday, September 6, 2013

A Lot of Food

I've only been back at work for 1 week (and out of that, only 2 teaching days) and already this week has felt so LONG. I guess it's just adjusting to the new routine. I'm really happy that I've managed to complete 9 workouts since the beginning of September - that may also be why I'm feeling a bit wiped out. Anyway.

My brother arrived this morning :) It's great to have some family here. I'm really excited that we'll be working in the same department. It should be fun.

Today is the last day before I start the Whole Life Challenge again. My results after the first round of the Whole Life Challenge (here are details about the challenge) were really good. I was SO happy with the progress I made in just 8 weeks. My second time around was good, but not as good as the first. My heart just wasn't into it.

This time, however, I'm excited. I feel like I need something to help me push forward. I don't feel nervous about giving up different ingredients, though I will miss dairy. However, it's not the end of the world, and I know it's not difficult. It just takes a bit of planning. Almost all the dinners I have are Whole Life Challenge-friendly anyway. I've just got to figure out a few extra meals for breakfast and lunch.

I don't really believe in cheat meals, but last night and today I had my 'final' taste (at least for 8 weeks) of a few of my favorite things. My dinner last night was sushi. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I already feel the bloating from the rice, but I know it's temporary. It's a bit annoying, but I really did enjoy my meal. It was followed by ice cream - yum. Definitely a treat.

Today I had my last skinny caramel macchiato plus a chocolate brownie. Again, devilish, but I enjoyed it. Now that I've got all that out of my system, I'm totally ready to go.

Let's get this challenge started!!


  1. Hi A! I'm really close to starting my personal challenge toward the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season. In the U.S., we have constant treats from now to New Year's Day. The Halloween candy comes out in early August. And I used to buy it right away in September. I used to keep eating treats--gaining about 15 pounds in the last quarter of every year. I always started January really fat. And then I was a smaller size by spring. What a crazy way to live. So I hit this time of the year especially hard--with all the decks stacked against us with a sweet tooth. I'm going to be very assertive again. January Jeans 2014 is persistently on my mind.

    Good luck on your Whole Life Challenge! I'll be cheering you on--and hopefully not being just a spectator but doing well with my own challenge. :D

    1. I've totally got your jeans challenge in mind. The end of the year is really, really tough. It's filled with lots of birthdays (of many of my close friends plus myself), anniversary, plus Thanksgiving, Christmas and way too many holiday celebrations. This challenge is coming at a perfect time!

  2. How fun that you and your brother are in the same profession! None of my siblings chose a similar career path.


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