Monday, September 30, 2013

September Summary

I started off September really well tracking my food and fitness daily, staying on top of everything, and making good progress. However, after the 18th, things seemed to unravel. I just wasnt organized. Things were just too chaotic in the house and I dont even really know where my September checklist ended up. Not good, I know.

That being said, despite all the chaos and the disruptions, September wasnt too bad. Being on the Whole Life Challenge definitely helped. Ive been 100% on track with that (I think thats why I became a bit complacent in my tracking; I knew I was eating clean and working out daily). I worked out every single day, and in general, the weight that I had put on towards the end of the month (4 days of bad eating and barely any movement) all came off along with another pound or two.

I still havent got back to my lowest weight (which is almost 2 kg/4 lb lighter than I am now). Im annoyed at that. I was hoping that being on the challenge would help me move past this plateau, but it hasnt yet. I know that my food has been ok, but my workouts have not been intense enough. I didnt make it to the gym for my normal weights/cardio workouts for 2 ½ weeks. My workouts mainly consisted of BJJ training, walking, some weights, and Kajukenbo. It just wasnt enough. I know better. I just couldnt get myself do to better.

I know that fitness is more than just a number. I do feel strong. I do feel fit. I feel good (and exhausted) after I finish training. My clothes still fit nicely with my smallest size jeans not at all snug. However, it's not good enough. This is not my goal weight. This is not my goal size. I'm still not near my goal weight, and it is frustrating. 

I know that in order to change I've got to do something different. Small changes do do not work for me. They need to be big ones. Even if it's just one or two changes, they need to be major ones. 

October will be different. It's time to give it all I've got. 


  1. Good luck on the October push and i love the graphic to help motivate for the haul. Even though you have not hit the weight yet congrats on what you have done :)

  2. Good luck with October. Sounds like you made progress even if it wasn't quite as mush as you wanted - keep plugging away at it!


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