Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Circuit

Sundays are a dilemma for me. I don’t have class so technically I have the day off (our weekends are Friday & Saturday so that gives me a 3-day weekend). My dilemma is this – hit the gym for a long workout or use the time at home to get myself organized for the week (meal prep, laundry, tidying up, grading, etc.).

I really thought I’d be hitting the gym, but the luxury of having a few hours to myself in the house is way too tempting. So I’ve decided, once and for all (at least for the rest of this semester) that I’m going to stay home. I’m going to get all my tasks done plus I’m going to use all the great weight/exercise equipment that we have here to get in my morning workout.

There are some exercises that I don’t like to do at home, especially without someone around (e.g. heavy squats or chest presses). I don’t know why I was letting that limit me before. I’ve come up with a routine that I can follow at home, primarily using dumbbells. Since my focus is now on lower reps, higher weights, it’s definitely easier for me to do this workout at home.

Here’s my Sunday plan:
Warm-up w/dynamic stretching
Practice my Kajkenbo forms
Weights/Exercises (4 sets of 20 reps)
  • -       dumbbell squat w/heels on plate
  • -       dumbbell 1 point row
  • -       lunge rear foot elevated w/dumbbells
  • -       1 arm dumbbell snatch
  • -       kettlebell swings
  • -       push-ups
  • -       reverse crunch
  • -       plank hold (1 min)
  • -       leg raises
  • -       back raise
  • -       burpees

Cool down

I did the workout today plus went for a 3 km walk. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes (not including the walk). It was tiring and challenging, but it felt good. I think it’s a good routine to help me keep up with my weight training at home.

It’s almost October – gotta make sure I’m fully on track so that I can end this year on a high note (and a low weight)!! 

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  1. You are a terrific example of the efficient time manager, hard worker and results driven performer focused on meeting objectives. I really get motivated to try harder when I see all you accomplish day in and day out in your professional time, private time and family time.


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