Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Switch

I don't know what it is about being part of a challenge that has helped my mind just switch from thinking about junk food to ignoring it all together. I guess that's not entirely accurate because I haven't thought about junk food in a long time (since the first Whole Life Challenge actually). I guess it would be more accurate to say that I don't think about grazing on anything that contains sugar or any of the other 'forbidden' ingredients. I just don't see it. That dark chocolate that has been in the fridge, calling my name every day for ages (though I rarely, rarely gave in) doesn't even affect me anymore. I don't see it. I'm not tempted to sprinkle 'just a little bit' of cheese on my salad or food. I'm not tempted to have a few spoons of frozen yogurt as dessert at the end of the night -- suddenly, a few grapes will do.

How does that happen?

How is it that a virtual 'game' is suddenly making me just stop?

It goes to show that it really is all in my head. I can stop my unhealthy habits any time I want to.

I feel like I do a really good job with my food and exercise. However, just being on the challenge for a few days has already shown me that whatever little bits of grazing I was doing, was adding up. It scares me because I feel like I should know better. What being on this challenge (again) has shown me is that I can do it. The snacking really does have to stop -- and it's ok. I'm absolutely fine without it. Instead of thinking about being strict with my food, I have to see it as something normal. It's not normal to want to mindlessly eat during the entire length of a movie or eat 2-3 afternoon snacks. One snack is normal -- and having a healthy one is logical, because why would we want to hurt our bodies by being unhealthy?

I'm just amazed at how I was able to make the switch once again and suddenly have any temptation around me not be tempting at all.

The bottom line -- don't be afraid. Create good habits, keep up with them, and you'll feel great!

My Whole Life Challenge updates can be found here.


  1. Hi Ayesha - I'm reading study after study implicating refined sugar and processed flour products to all kinds of health problems including a world wide drop in sperm levels in men, autism, and alopecia. Eating anything except whole foods seems to be putting poison in your mouth.

    1. I know Marc. It's scary about how much 'other' stuff is in so many foods. It's also amazing at how easy it is to eat naturally once you put it into practice for a some time :)

  2. Its all in the head..I completely believe in that, even my workouts (especially my runs) I usually can run faster and longer if I specifically decide to even food if I decide and plan I think I can manage to stay away without any worries but if I don't plan and believe I can stick to it I usually manage :)


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