Thursday, September 26, 2013

Catching Up and Complaining

I just haven’t been able to make the time to sit at my computer and type out a proper post. Aside for just checking my email and glancing through Facebook I’ve been running around, cooking, cleaning, working, and sleeping.

The challenge for the next two weeks in the Whole Life Challenge is to get 7 hours of sleep (per 24 hours, so if not all at night, then during a nap). Not only have I been making sure to get those 7 hours of sleep because of the challenge, but I’ve also been NEEDING the sleep because I’m tired!

My dad left a few days ago and day before yesterday my in-laws arrived. You can imagine how busy all that has been. Since my brother isn’t driving and his paperwork isn’t complete, I’ve been doing additional driving around for him – which wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t for the insane traffic here in Kuwait (was at a standstill for 25 minutes yesterday on a highway –ugh!!!).

I haven’t quite got the hang of cooking for 3 people yet. I used to make enough dinner so that I would have some food leftover for lunch. However, now I need enough lunch for 2 people – so that means I’ve had to either cook extra or cook again. I’ve most had to cook all over again.

My eating has been good in terms of staying true to the challenge, but it’s been bad in terms of being lazy and tired – so just having a few dates for energy to get me through the day, just picking on a bit of food here and there. I know it’s not healthy, and I need to rectify that. I need to make sure I eat right (the right amount, the right things, at the right time) in order to get the proper energy that I need. I know better, but I just don’t feel like I’ve got the energy to pull it all together.

I’ve been exercising daily. My morning workouts have taken a hit because of extra errands and work. I’ve been exercising in the evening – either Kajukenbo class, CrossFit, going for a walk, or Jiujitsu. I feel like my workouts have been mild (moderate at best) and it’s just not enough for what works for my body. I’ve also been working out with/training my brother to help him with his weight loss progress (he’s lost about 12 pounds in the past 2 weeks). We do a combination of kickboxing, weight lifting, and walking.

So, there’s a lot going on. I wish I could say that things are slowly falling into place, but they’re not at the moment. I feel like I really won’t be able to get a handle on things until the middle of next month. In the meantime, I’ll just keep doing my best.

By the way - sorry about the problem on my blog (re the photos covering the text). I'm not sure what happened. Hopefully that's been resolved now. For some reason my notifications (of when people post and comment) have also not been showing up. I haven't figured out how to fix that yet, but hopefully I'll be able to soon.



  2. I've been super busy too!! I also have given myself a few undeserving cheat days! I know exactly how you feel when you say you wont get a handle on things until next month haha I feel like I've been saying that for the past two months. Best of luck to you!

  3. I've been keeping track of my sleep with my Fitbit ...I'm usually more in the 6 hour range. I'm not sure how accurate it is,but it's good feedback regardless. Are you using anything to track, or just counting hours in bed?

  4. Hi A! You are such a great role model to your brother. I hope you value this time you have together--despite you being so exhausted. Sounds sort of like at my home. Lol. :D


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