Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Catching Up

It's amazing how even being away for just one week can kinda throw me off balance. Plus, I'm always surprised at how tired I am after coming back from London, even though the time difference is only 2-hours. In any case, I could barely get myself to wake up this morning and don't even get me started on how tough it was to drag myself into work. It was particularly tough because I knew that all I was going to do that day was sit in a room for 2.5 hours staring at my students while they worked on their final writing assessment. Proctoring tests SUCKS!

I had lunch with friends to catch up on my trip and then eventually I made it back home where a bunch of emails and general paperwork needed my attention. I barely made a dent and before I knew it, it was dinner time.

I had pasta for dinner, something that I try not to do because I find it sits heavily in my dinner, but it was the easiest option - that's when the alarm bells started going off.

I have to fix my routine now because not having a schedule is never good for me. I get careless with my eating and portions and I get lazy with my workouts.

I didn't go to the gym today. I really needed another day of sleep, but I hope to be back into it tomorrow. Not sure what I'll do at the gym because I still haven't planned it out -- so gotta do that now!


  1. I know how you feel. I have potential to be 100% on plan when my schedule is in a rhythm, but the minute something messes that up I fall off the wagon and HARD!
    Plan, plan, PLAN!
    You can get back into it, I know you can :)
    Good luck <3

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely trying to stay focused!


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