Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easing the Pain

I was a no show at the gym today as well. The pain from my cramps has been increasing since February. Both last month and this month it has been so bad that I've felt very faint and vomited from the intensity. It's depressing to see my symptoms worsen each month ... and I know that my condition is not improving. I don't write about the pain each time I feel it because that would mean I'd be writing about it on a daily basis ... yes, I feel bad abdominal pain every single day. Some days are worse than others ... but at the moment, my hands are tied. I just have to deal with it as my ever-so-kind doctor said.

(I know that there are quite a few readers to this blog, so if you want an idea of what I'm going through, you can get the basic details here, and then read what happened here, followed by this post describing how I feel on a fairly regular basis, but I try to suppress it and/or just move forward.)


I would have liked to have gone to the gym, but I wasn't up to it ... I know I'll get back into it tomorrow. Exercise has become part of my routine/lifestyle now, so I'm not afraid that this is going to lead to a huge absence from the gym. I'm not feeling well. I need to rest.

The highlight of my day -- I finally had a terrific catch up session with my BFF. We haven't had a proper sit down in quite a while ... but today's 7-hour afternoon to almost midnight chat was a much needed, very cathartic and highly enjoyable break.  It was the best drug out there to help me get rid of the pain -- but also highly addictive ;)


  1. awww! I love reconnecting with old friends. Makes the crampy day a little better. :)

    1. It definitely helped! :)

  2. WOW! Big ((((HUGS)))), I just went through and read your previous posts about what you are dealing with right now. I can only imagine how you feel, and I wish you didn't have to suffer through it.
    I think you are incredibly strong and a HUGE inspiration. You amaze me with all your support and help to others. Hang in there, you are AMAZING!

  3. Ah, I feel really bad that you hurt. You have a lot of burden with that pain, but you still persevere. You have a LOT of character.

    When I don't go to the gym due to not feeling good, I find it to be a good day to focus on other health issues: diet and mental health. Like you did. Friends make everything so much better.

    Be kind to yourself and treat yourself as special.

    :-) Marion

  4. I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. I had a bad surgery in August '11 and I have struggled with it for months (and still). I know that there is an end to my situation though, and I feel like I shouldn't complain as much seeing what you are faced with. Stay strong!

  5. I'm sorry that your struggling to be able to get to the gym due to the pain its really not good. But at least you know your be able to get back to the gym and try again. You do well to keep going. Seeing friends and families always helps.

  6. Both my daughters suffer with pain each month. They think it is terribly unfair that I didn't have that issue. Hope you get back to the gym soon. Take care. :)


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