Thursday, May 17, 2012

Regrouping - still

I was starting to get a bit frustrated at myself because I feel like I'm taking a long time to get over this trip. A bit of refocusing from a friend helped me realize that it wasn't so much that I've been away for 7 days but more that I've actually been away from this type of life for almost 5 years. I was starting to get alarmed that I was feeling so tired and so hungry all the time and then I realized, I think this is the first time in 5 years that I feel relaxed and calm. I know I have things to do, but I know that they don't need to be done now. It seriously is a new experience/feeling for me so I'm trying not to get too worked up about it and instead just enjoy the ride.

As I said above, I have been ravenously hungry since I returned. I haven't eaten junk food, though I have had a few small sweets, but I've been eating. I am constantly hungry. I felt alarmed this morning so I got on the scale, thinking that the number would jolt me back to reality. Instead of seeing a gain, I saw another half pound loss. Seriously? How is that possible? Although it was great, as I was in the middle of my 2 scrambled eggs and toast this morning (a much bigger breakfast than I usually have, but not unhealthy) I stopped and realized what was happening. I'm now 3 kg (7 lbs) down from the plateau weight that I had been holding on to for a year and a half. I haven't been at this weight for so long and now I think my body is sending these crazy hunger signals in a panic, probably interpreting it as starvation. Normally, or perhaps I should say, previously, I would eat and eat until the crazy hunger subsided. I'm doing the same now, but I've noticed something very different -- instead of eating scrambled eggs, a panini, a bag of crisps, a bit of chocolate and some crisps I am now getting full on scrambled eggs,  a salad, some fruit, and veggies and rice (though I've still been having something sweet too). I'm still eating, but what I'm eating has changed. I didn't even realize that I had changed my eating habits, it just happened. I'm sure this is what has made the difference. The amount of times I'm eating is the same, but the portion sizes along with the ingredients and preparation are completely different and I think that's what is making the difference.

I do need to be careful though because I don't want to go back to my plateau. I only have a short time before I travel again; I've got to hit my goal!

I went back to the gym today and was so happy and overwhelmed with the excited response of the trainers at the gym. Big hugs, huge smiles, and lots of congratulations and compliments (including that I looked like I had lost weight and trimmed down quite a bit). My favorite was my boxing coach who greeted me with 'Dr. Boxer' :) Loved it!

I had mainly gone to the gym to meet with KD to catch up and lounge by the pool. I brought my workout clothes just in case I felt like doing some cardio on the cross-trainer or something but in the end we ended up swimming a few laps. It was my first swim of the season. It felt so good in the water. It also felt so good to feel how my arm strength made a difference in my movement under water. I am so, so pleased when I see how my workouts make a difference in my daily life.

I will workout in the gym for sure tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm still trying to figure out my routine for the next few weeks. Another thing to add to my dilemma is that I spoke to the CrossFit trainer today and she has officially started holding her training sessions. I really don't want to wait until I get back from Mexico to start. At the same time, I really want to finish my NROL4W program before starting something new ... I just can't figure out if it's worth starting now or if I should hold off ... too many decisions to make!


  1. I think this happens for a lot of us. We start out thinking we'll lose weight and as we go along, we change the way we eat. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (as they say) to figure out you can eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables for far less than that one decadent dessert that just leaves you wanting MORE!

    You are doing great. Breaking through a plateau is a great accomplishment. :)

  2. It's amazing how small changes all of a sudden are recognized as a complete revamp to our lives, isn't it? You're doing great, and even this hunger will pass.

  3. Dr. Boxer indeed. :) it's so nice to have our efforts recognized... even when it seems like the effort has been tough, or unmotivated, or like you've given into eating too much too often. The compliments are still such affirming things.

    I hope you continue to experience the downward trend and get back into your groove soon. :)


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