Sunday, May 20, 2012

Off Sync & Week 8 Summer Challenge Update

Sundays just don't seem to agree with me. I really had trouble getting motivated to do anything all day. Ironically, I had everything planned out for the day. I had my gym clothes laid out, my work clothes ready, my fruit for the day was washed and ready in a ziplock bag, I woke up on time etc. etc. Still, I felt kinda lethargic, tired, and worst of all, bloated. In fact, I actually feel like I'm PMS'ing though I shouldn't be for another week. With the travel and stress of the past week and a half I guess I wouldn't be surprised if my cycle shifted - again. Who knows.

I restarted my morning gym routine. I did the 3rd workout in Stage 7 of NROL4W. I've only got 3 workouts left of the program, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish it before I travel again. I did well, but I felt the lethargy kinda slowing me down. I hope I do better tomorrow.

It's the end of the 8th week of the Ready for Summer Challenge.

I was late posting my update for week 7 so I don't really have too much to add for this week.

It's been taking me some time to get back into the swing of things so I'll keep this entry brief.

1. Weight loss goal: To lose a total of 15 lbs by June 3rd
My total weight loss since start of this challenge is 9.6 lbs. I've just lost a little bit since I returned from London. Seeing as I've been eating a lot and not exercising, I'm just glad that the number hasn't gone up!

Week 9 plan:
Keep working towards reaching that 15 lb loss!

2. Non-scale goal: Finish grading; Organize bookshelf; Catch up on blogs
I finished grading my last set of papers for the semester!!! What a relief! :) 
I also managed to catch up on commenting on blogs. 
I've started organizing my bookshelf, but it's not complete yet. I'm getting there. 

Week 9 plan:
Start the paper for the conference in Mexico
Start brushing up on my Italian for this summer's trip to Italy
Make a big dent in my list of things to do (try to accomplish at least 2 things a day)

3. Exercise: Week 8 goal: 4 hrs at the gym; finalize workout schedule
I managed my 4 hours at the gym - 1 hr. swimming and 3 hrs. Combat/Pump/Zumba
My workout schedule for the next two weeks is set! 

Week 9 plan:
Complete workouts 3 & 4 for NROL4W
Swim once
Get in 4 hours of cardio
Start CrossFit

4. Nutrition goal: Make healthy choices/keep water rat a good level
I struggled with my water in London and it took me some time to readjust after returning (my bladder wasn't too happy at first!). Now I'm back to 3.5-4 L of water a day. 
My food hasn't been good this week, but that all changes from right now. I don't know why I've been crazy hungry lately. Still, yesterday I sat down and made my menu for the week plus stocked up on some fresh fruit and veggies. Hopefully the week will go well. 

Week 9 plan:
Try to eat as clean as possible. 


  1. Your goals make mine seem very small. I've had an off week and am working to get back to a good place where I eat healthy, exercise, drink my water and journal. Good luck with week nine. :)

    1. Caron, you're already at my ultimate goal which is to be at the stage where I'm maintaining! :)

  2. Thank you for taking the time to catch up on my blog! I read all of your comments yesterday and was thinking, "Damn, Doctor PP is such a good blog buddy!!!"

    You've done an awesome job in the challenge so far. I have slacked on my RFSC posts but after reading your post today, I may have to remedy that!

    1. Thanks Jenn :) Reading about how you're doing CrossFit and keeping track of your food really motivates me to keep trying to improve!

  3. Hi,
    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?

  4. You inspire this older body to do more cardio. Great plans for the next week!

  5. Sundays are the same for me, so in the end I stopped fighting with myself and made Sundays my day off. I literally sit on my ass all day catching up on the things that make me feel good like TV and DVD's. I call it my sloth day. Makes the rest of the week a little easier to get through.
    I am cheering you on for that 15lb loss goal. You can do it. Sending good vibes your way.

    1. Since Sunday's are the start of the week for us here I don't like to skip the day because then I feel like I've started the week on the wrong foot. Saturdays are my day off though and I do find that it helps me recover a bit from my crazy Friday workouts!

  6. Sometimes we all need a day of rest. I know I try to take one day a week to get caught up but it doesn't always work. :)

    You're doing so well on your weight loss goals! Good for you, I know it's been a struggle for you, so every pound should be celebrated!

  7. With your travels it looks to me like you re doing weL
    . Finish week nine strong!

  8. Sorry you're off kilter, and hope this week is great for you.

  9. Travel always gets me off my diet for some time. I think I have OCD just a little and getting off my schedule makes me spaced and scattered. I understand how it feels. Sounds like you have a great plan!! I love planned out meals. Hope your week has gone great so far!!


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