Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Planes, trains, and automobiles

I made it to Canterbury safe and sound. It has been a long day though the journey itself wasn't too bad. The 6 hour flight was smooth. The flight was half empty. It's always nice when there's nobody sitting next to you. The only down side is that the woman sitting behind me coughed throughout the flight. Seriously. There may have been a maximum of 5 minutes of silence throughout the whole flight. I felt bad for her, but I felt bad for me too! There's only so loud you can play your iPod before it starts interfering with your sleep/rest! No problems at border control; luggage was waiting just as I got out. Train/taxi/train/taxi - my usual journey from Heathrow to Canterbury. I'm cold, hungry, and tired. It's too early to sleep so I'm going to curl up in my pj's, order some room service - I'm thinking a nice bowl of tomato soup will warm me up, and then read until I fall asleep. I'm glad I have two full days to rest and focus before the big day. The silence is calming.


  1. I'm glad your trip went well. Good that you get to stay in and have warm soup and relax. Take care. :)

  2. I'm glad you arrived safely. Sorry the woman behind you was sick. That sucks for sure. At the end of March we went with the boys on to a rabbit show. The lady who sat beside me did the same thing. I was ready to scream before we made it there and back. Hope you don't get sick. Unfortunately, I did.

    Get some rest.


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