Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Even though I've come to Canterbury many times, I still struggle with deciding how to plan my day. For the most part each day is planned around university events - meetings with my supervisor, research seminars, etc. Since the timings vary each day, I don't really get the chance to set up a regular routine.

So each morning I ask myself - workout now or later? What should I eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Sleep erly or veg in front of the TV or study some more? This morning was no different. Even though I had a general plan in mind last night, this morning I questioned myself. I like having a plan. Making schedules and lists are cathartic. Why is it that I still question myself?

I drive myself crazy. It makes me feel that no matter how proactive or energetic I act, inside I'm still a procrastinator and lazy.

I was up by 6:30 this morning. I really wanted to sleep more as I was still tired, but at the same time I knew that ifi didn't get up, my whole day would be thrown off.

So question 1: sleep or get up? I got up.

Question 2: Workout now or later? After reading a few blogs I got my butt out of bed and decided to exercise now (thanks for the motivation fellow-bloggers!). But before going to the gym ...

Question 3: Breakfast now or later? If I have breakfast now it'll end up being something from the room, ie junk food. Forget it. Breakfast later. I went to the hotel's mini gym and did 6.5km on the treadmill plus some good stretches (my back has been a bit achy after all the travel). Then on to my day. I stopped by the supermarket and bought a banana for breakfast, had some green tea at the university, met with my advisor, and then had to decide about lunch.

Question 4: Big lunch or something simple? I've decided to have a proper lunch and a light dinner while I'm here. A small bowl of penne arrabiata with a side salad (dressing on the side) - love the light lunch portions some restaurants do! Dinner was a salmon avocado salad (side salad serving, not a dinner salad). Between lunch and dinner there was a few hours of work accompanied by some peppermint tea (was so tempted by carrot cake but resisted) and a bit of shopping. I was thrilled to buy clothes 1-2 sizes smaller than the last time I was here. I didn't buy a lot, just some summer clothes (though it is cold and gloomy here). So a full day for me.

Now I just have to decide - Question 5: Do some more work or go to sleep? I'll have to let you know tomorrow!


  1. Your procrastination doesn't count as procrastination if it consistently leads to good choices on time to actually shape your day by them. Well done!!! YOu've inspired me to switch my coffee for tea at least some of the time this week. I'm imagining how refreshing those herbal and green teas must be on your system compared to me with my ever growing coffee habit. I want to post something like you just did, with those little tea breaks thrown into the mix as your are...Gonna work on that. :)

  2. You're making good choices in a stressful situation - good luck with your defence, you're going to do wonderfully. :)

  3. You are so freaking dedicated, I love it!! I hope you picked to go to sleep (but I'm sure you did some work first!).

    Yay for new clothes in a smaller size. Your hard work is totally paying off :)

  4. when I studied for my bar exam for law, by the time I got to the actual exam, I had studied so much that, to study even a little more, I would have just burnt out. So I preoccupied my mind with little decisions like up above. You're just keeping your mind fresh!

    :-) Marion


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