Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Five - Highlights of My Week

Friday Five - hosted by Jessee's Spot

Five Moments from this Week 

1) What I tried for the first time: Core Domination & Destruction 
I had been wanting to try this class for a while. I finally got a chance to try it. While we didn't all the exercises pictured below, the exercises shown are similar to what we did in class. It was brutal & fantastic!

2) What I accomplished this week: I've been studying to become a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition through the International Sports Science Association of America. This week I completed the last of the six quizzes that are part of the requirement - all of which I completed with 100%. Now all I need to do is complete the final exam!

3) What song helped me pick up the pace during my cardio sessions: Raindrops (Encore Une Fois) by Sash! Featuring Stunt

4) What I'm looking forward to most: I've got the whole of next week off as Kuwait celebrates its National & Liberation days. I've got tons to do, but I'm hoping I'll get some down time as well to just chill and hang out with some friends.

The Kuwait Towers at Sunset

5) What Quote Inspired Me:

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  1. wow!!!specialist in Fitness and Nutrition that is so cool. Have great break :)


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