Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Weekend is Finally Here!

Ok, my idea of having Wednesdays as a 'chill day' is not translating into reality. I don't teach on most Wednesdays, so I do have to to get things done ... but that often means I end up being busier than ever.

Yesterday was so busy that I didn't really have the energy to blog. I was so exhausted after my evening workouts (Body Balance in the morning, then Zumba followed by Cardio Kickboxing at night) that all I really wanted to do was sleep!!

Unfortunately, because I was so busy yesterday, I didn't get through the stack of grading that I wanted to get done. That meant that I was at my desk at 5 o'clock this morning quickly planning a lesson and creating slides for today's class. Not fun, especially because it was encroaching on my morning workout time.

I left the house at 7 a.m. -- that's usually the time I'm finishing my warm-up at the gym! I contemplated not going at all since I knew I wouldn't be able to complete the workout that I had planned on doing. Then I thought, what the heck. Let me just go and do what I can.

I warmed up with 3 minutes of jump rope and then got straight to my weights workout. Since this is the final workout portion A of this phase, I really wanted to end by upping a few of the weights. This is how it went:

2 sets; 15 reps each
Squats: last set 65kg (143 lbs) [increased by 5 kg (11 lbs) for the last set]
Lunges: last set 55kg (121 lbs) [increased by 5 kg (11 lbs) for the last set]

Then came the big challenge -- one arm dumbbell rows. I've been lifting 17.5 kg, which has been tough but not impossible. Today, I kept staring at these:

20kg dumbbells (44 lbs)

I really wanted to lift them for my dumbbell rows, but I was slightly hesitant -- would I be able to do them. The answer is: YES!! I did, and I was so happy :) It wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Only the last 3-4 reps on my left arm felt tough. Other than that, it felt great!!

The workout ended with 2 sets of 20 push-ups followed by 2 sets of 20 Swiss ball crunches.

I didn't have time to do my interval training, so I just did burpees until it was time for me to cool down and stretch. I got 70 done.

So, it was a bit rushed at the gym this morning, but I got my workout in. I worked out for exactly one hour, which isn't too shabby.

Tonight I've got taekwondo and Jiujitsu practice after which I've got a farewell dinner to attend.

I love all my workouts, but I really am glad that tonight is the end of my big workouts of the week for me. It's not the exercises that are draining, it's more the prep time and the bloody laundry that follows that irks me.

On to the weekend!!!

Yesterday's Workouts
Stretching: Body Balance (1 hour)
Cardio: Zumba (1 hour)
MMA training: Cardio Kickboxing (1 1/2 hours)
Burpees: 0

Today's Workouts
Weights: NROL Workout 6A
Stretching: 15 minutes
MMA training: Taekwondo & BJJ (1 1/2 hours)
Burpees: 70 {challenge total: 1,240/20,130}

Yesterday's Food
Breakfast: Omelet muffins & 1/2 avocado
Lunch: Felafel bites (homemade) with a tomato salad
Dinner: Quinoa with vegetables and grilled chicken
Snacks: 2 dates

Today's Food
Breakfast: Banana & 2 teaspoons of peanut butter; Omelet muffins & 1/2 avocado
Lunch: Baked salmon over quinoa with vegetables
Dinner: Grilled lamb + hummus and tabbouleh
Snacks: 2 dates and green tea


  1. Yah know...Doctor PP :) many people choose one activity to participate in. Like Zumba. Some will choose two physical activities. Like weight lifting AND Zumba. But really, you are the only person on the planet that I am aware of - that does weight workouts, taekwondo, jiujitsu, cardio kickboxing, teaches full time, drives a Hummer, has a social calendar, eats healthy and is cute to boot. Little girls need to play with dolls fashioned after yourself. This is so they have positive role models to mimic. We could have the Princess Ayesha doll. Aside from her ball gown, her accessories include a karate gi, dumbbell set, and ninja sword...oh and a Hummer to get around in:) We also would have books about her teaching students by day and her super hero life by night. You are an excellent role model!

    1. Hahahaha Marc! Thank you so much. Am really touched by your comment :)

  2. Ditto to what Marc said!

    :-) Marion

  3. Seriously how do you do it all? If I did even half that, I would have to lie on the floor until the room stopped spinning!

    I'm so with you on the yuk of workout laundry piles. I was blaming the slightly ick smell in our hamper on J's socks but actually it was my cycling gear!

    You have made the most incredible progress - congratulations on the increased weights and have a very lovely weekend.

    1. I often do feel like I just need to lie on the floor and catch up. I think the key is that I'm enjoying my workouts, so even though sometimes I just want to stay home, I know that once I start exercising, I feel much better :)


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