Saturday, February 16, 2013

How It's Been Going

I had every intention on doing a kind of 'week in review' on Saturdays - mainly so that I can keep track of how the past week went and make sure that I know what to focus on (give more attention to) in the upcoming week.

Honestly, things have been so busy for the past two weeks that it kinda feels like I've just been barely managing to post something on the blog and that's about it.

Today marks the first day of the Whole Life Challenge. For more details on what it involves, you can read an old blog post of mine here - everything is pretty much the same this year except that the point values are different. The nutritional guidelines, the main thing for me, are the same.

Nothing I did/ate was really any different from how I've been eating for the past several months now. The main thing is that I'll be extra careful over the next 8 weeks - though I guess I should be extra careful in any case. My main goal for the challenge is to break through this damn plateau that I feel like I've hit again. I know being more focused and vigilant is what I need to do. Being part of the challenge helps.

My workouts have been going quite well. I'm still working on adjusting to the changes in my schedule. I plan on trying out a new class called Core FX. It's supposed to be really tough. My kickboxing coach leads that class, and I know he'll be anxious to torture me (in a good way of course). I told him about the challenge, and he's seen how hard I've been working, so he's quite supportive and enthusiastic about helping me reach my goals.

I've been slacking at posting my daily foods and workouts like I had been doing for the past week or so, but I'm back on it today.

Quick mid-February update: 
1) Cardio sessions: 4/10 complete
2) MMA training: 9/15 complete
3) Weight training 6/10 complete
4) Flexibility focus: 3/4 complete
5) Nutrition quizzes: 3/3 complete {yay!! Plus I scored 100% in each one - I love being a nerd!}
6) Burpee count this month: 730 {challenge total to date: 1,730/20,013}

Overall I'm not doing too bad. I hope that I can complete hit the rest of my targets; over half of February is already over!

Today's Workouts
MMA training: 1 hour cardio kickboxing at ClubFit
Burpees: 60 {challenge total: 1,730/20,013}

Today's Food
Breakfast: Omelet muffin with 1/2 avocado
Lunch: Tuna fish and bell pepper salad
Dinner: White fish with sweet potato and peas
Snack: 2 dates and a cup of green tea

Click here for today's Whole Life Challenge VLOG & update :)

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  1. Well, finally I find THIS blog. I kept getting directed to your other one. But, today, I saw your link on the sidebar and, VIOLA! I'm here! LOL Love this challenge- I might have to give it a go next time it comes around. Or is it just ongoing and you begin at any point?


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