Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Number

Being on holiday has really thrown me off my normal routine, but what the heck, a change in routine is good once in a while. From tomorrow things will start to go back to normal, so I might as well enjoy the bit of extra time to relax and kinda do whatever I want.

Last night was a movie night. I have sat down to watch a movie in quite a while - let alone two movies. The urge to munch on something was high, and the urge to indulge in something sweet was even higher.

I did not give in, but boy was I tempted. What adds to the temptation is that I've got 4 bonus points to use up with the challenge. That basically means if I eat something off plan, it won't take away from my score ... but the thing is, it's not about the number. It's not about having a perfect score. It's about what the score represents. I don't know if that makes sense or not.

I mean the thing with the Whole Life Challenge is that it's a virtual challenge. It's based on an honest reporting of your daily habits. People have said to me - So you can cheat - and all I could think of was, in the end, who am I cheating?

If I eat a chocolate bar and 'cheat' by saying that I had a perfect eating day, who is really affected? You think the organizers of the challenge care? It's me and my body that are affected by the extra sugar, the unnecessary calories, and whatever other preservatives etc. are in the chocolate. So I ask again, who exactly would I be cheating?

When I weighed myself this morning (yes, I weigh myself every morning; it helps me keep things in check) I saw that I had lost 200 grams since yesterday. The amount actually isn't important. What was significant was that it took me into a new weight range.

I had to close my eyes and take a moment.

Yes. It's working. The hard work is paying off. It's tough sometimes, but that's ok. 

Let me tell you, I doubt I will ever get tired of saying - My weight is at an all-time low today. I hope that I can say that every morning, even if it's by 10 grams. It's about working towards moving in the right direction. It's about knowing that what I'm doing is right.

And for those days when the scale doesn't move or shows an unexplained increase, that's when I have to dig even deeper and tell myself - it's ok. Just keep going. There is no reason to stray from the plan.

So yes, the number this morning made me feel good that I didn't munch on anything while watching 2 movies yesterday. The number this morning made me feel ok with not having a special treat for breakfast (even if it was something small like milk in my coffee). Does it sound extreme? Maybe, but for now, I know that this is exactly what I need to be doing.

Today was another no-gym day. Instead I hit the track by my house again and walked for 3 km. I came home and did some burpees - I'm still so behind on my burpee challenge - and then stretched.

Along with my adventures I had my first attempt at making coconut milk and coconut flour. It was time consuming but not difficult.

pure organic coconut flakes 

coconut milk

coconut flour

Finally, a bit of a flashback. My best friend finally sent me some of the official pix from his wedding in Germany (back in October). Here's a collage of me giving the speech & one of a moment of laughter :)

Giving the 'Best Woman's' speech at my best friend's wedding - October 2012 (Berlin, Germany)


Today's Food
Breakfast: Banana + 1 tablespoon of peanut butter + 2 dates
Lunch: Tuna fish, black bean, and avocado salad
Dinner: A whole life challenge-friendly version of Fisherman's pie
Snack: cup of green tea & 1/2 cup of pineapple

Today's Workout
Cardio: 3 km walk
Burpees: 60 {challenge total: 1,940/20,130}
Stretching: 15 minutes


  1. Love the pix & lunch sounds great!

  2. Isn't that funny that a person's reaction to your challenge is saying that you could cheat? That is exactly why I've joined a couple of small challenges -- to keep myself from cheating during the holidays when it would be sooooooo easy. :)

    1. I know! Then again, I've realized that 'accountability' seems to hold different meanings for different people ...

  3. love your snap..you have a wonderful smile :)

  4. You look beautiful <3


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