Friday, February 1, 2013

13 in 13 Post #2: January Review & February Goals

First of all, thank you for your well wishes yesterday. I basically spent the rest of yesterday resting. I took a 2 hour nap (very unusual for me), cooked dinner, ate, lounged in front of the TV, then watched some more TV in bed until I fell asleep.

Again, very unusual for me, but I think I just needed a break and to disconnect from everything.

I woke up this morning feeling well rested and decided to kinda chill for the rest of today too.

I had a lovely breakfast with D, went to the salon and got a mani/pedi, went to Kuwait's 2nd CrossFit Games - organized by our CrossFit box, went and hung out with some friends in the evening. I didn't workout, and though I felt slightly guilty, I also felt really good just having a rest and not feeling frantic about rushing off to be at a workout or something.

I didn't hit all my targets for January, but I think I did pretty well. There are a few things that I need to modify in terms of my workouts.

My bronchitis + my dad visiting & D's parents visiting definitely added to the challenge. My eating was not as good as it should/could have been on those days. Still, I did my best.

Here's where I stand:

Lose weight each month, no matter how much
3 kg (6.6 lbs) lost this month
1.6% loss of body fat
7 inches lost total (1.5 around the waist yay!)
Burpees: 20,130 by the end of the year
1,000 completed
Daily stretching of 15 min/day
22/31 days completed
2 outdoor runs
1 completed
Week 7 of C25K
4 body balance/Pilates/yoga classes
3 completed
15 cardio sessions
13 completed
15 weight training sessions
8 completed (started mid-Jan)
15 MMA training sessions
15 completed
3 nutrition studies quizzes
2 new recipes
2 completed, only 1 recipe posted
4 chapters & 8 articles to read
2 chapters & 3 articles read
Finish outline for April paper
½ done
Organize bookshelf
90% done

I'm definitely happy with my weight loss. I tell you, I fluctuated a lot through the month - at one point being 2 kg heavier, but I'm glad I ended at a new lowest weight to date! I just need to continue moving in that direction.

I did a total of 40 workouts this month, which I think is great, particularly because I didn't exercise at all from Jan. 4-12 due to my bronchitis.

I definitely need to get my act together with my organization and academic work - I guess I've been too busy exercising, hahaha.

Our task this month is about thinking simple and not getting caught up in so many details that we stray from what our original goals are. This falls right in line with what I what to accomplish in February. My goals for this month have definitely been streamlined into something more realistic but still challenging:

February 2013 Goals

1) Cardio Focus: 10 sessions [including 2 outdoor runs & Week 7 of C25K]
2) MMA Training: 15 sessions
3) Weight Training: 10 sessions
4) Flexibility Sessions: 4 [minimum 45 minutes]
5) Nutrition Studies: Complete quizzes 2-4
6) Cooking: 2 new recipes & post on the blog
7) Academic: Complete paper for March conference; complete reading 3 chapters and 4 articles; continue research interviews
8) Organization: Complete organizing bookshelf & Box shelves
9) Weight loss: End lighter than I started
10) Burpees: Continue working towards the ultimate goal of 20,130

Here are a few pix from the CrossFit Games. It was a perfect day to have the games - felt like spring; crisp blue sky, the sun was out, just a slight breeze ... lovely! I really wish I had trained to participate ... hopefully next time!

CrossFitQ8 - Kuwait's 1st official CrossFit Box & hosts of the 2nd CrossFit Games in Kuwait

Head Coach of CrossFit Q8 - Yousef Al-Baqsami explaining the WODs 

Round 2 of the Competition

Me and some of the CrossFit Q8 team members. 
The other girl wearing the CrossFit Q8 t-shirt competed today. 


  1. Awesome job with the weight loss!! You go!!!
    You really did a great job with your goals considering how sick you were & hosting visitors. You're awesome & an inspiration to me!

  2. Your January accomplishments are jaw dropping! I don't believe I've done that many burpees in one lifetime, let alone one month. You are an amazing super woman :)

  3. Oh heyyyyyy boys! You should've zoomed in on a few of them and taken some more up close and personal shots for your readers. If there is one thing I love, it's sneaky pictures of hot dudes working out. Ha.

    Anyway, I think you definitely need a rest day every once in awhile. I take one a week, mostly because my schedule doesn't allow for a work out on Tuesdays without me wanting to shoot myself. So on Tuesdays, I rest my body while doing nearly -all- of my work for the week. I still try to get in a walk, but nothing hard core. I think sometimes you just need to rejuvenate. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

  4. Way to go on the weight loss - you did well with your January goals, and good luck with February!


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