Monday, October 17, 2011

Fired Up for Fall - Week 5

It's been a busy week. I took some time off from working on my thesis and relaxed for a bit. I have to say I feel much better, more 'normal' and I'm definitely ready to get back into it. There's been a lot of work to do in general - essays to grade, a conference paper to write, etc. etc. so I haven't had too much down time, but I have been enjoying myself. It feels great to be back at the gym and putting in a few intense/challenging workouts. I hope I can keep it up.

We're at the half-way point for Fired up for Fall ... I've got 5 more weeks to meet all my goals.

Part I: Motivational Picture


What have you done this week to achieve your goals?
This past week has been really busy, full of good stuff though. Lots of celebrating with friends which meant that I had to be extra observant about what I was eating. I did, however, have a great week exercise-wise (9 hours total). I've been doing a few gym classes so that's changed up my routine a bit and I haven't been able to do as many NROL4W sessions, but I'm still sticking to it. I did manage to lose 1.5 lbs this week - so I'm getting closer to my 10 lb goal (5.5 lost total so far) ... and my home office is looking good :) though there are still some things to organize.

What have you done to make yourself feel fabulous?
This week I'd have to say that spending time with my friends and family made me feel fabulous. I had a number of birthday celebrations, and they were all perfect :)

It's half way through the challenge, you can change 1 or more of your goals if you want to. What are you going to do and why?
I haven't reached the goals I've set yet, but I think they're reasonable enough to work towards for the next five weeks. No changes for me. I want to accomplish everything that I set out to do before making any modifications.

What's your worst bad habit and have you ever tried to tackle it? Do you want to?
The answer to this is related to my motivation picture of the week.
At the moment I think my worst habit is my self-doubt. Even when there's something I'm sure about, I hesitate ... or if someone says something positive, I brush it off ... I'm trying to work on this, but I still have a long way to go.

Fun time: Would you rather have burgers for feet or sausages for fingers?
Hmmm. Ok I have no idea how to answer this question!! I don't eat meat, sausages for fingers would mean stickiness on everything I touched (can't have that!) and burgers for feet -- umm no way! How would they fit into my heels? Ya -- this is a question that has no answer for me!


  1. I am a terribly rude compliment taker, I always brush it off or make a joke. Terrible habit. It takes a while to be able to say "thank you" and leave it at that. Well done on the exercise, 9 hours is fantastic.

  2. I LOVE your inspirational picture! I may just have to "borrow" that for a post!

  3. I love that picture - self doubt can be crippling, can't it?

    Greta job on the exercise, 9 hours is awesome!


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