Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Ready

My surgery has been moved up yet another day.

It's scary, but at this point, I just want it to be over and want the healing process to begin.

There is, however, lots to be done. Yesterday was a very, very busy day. It started with a trip to the hospital to do some final blood work, and then, upon finding out that I had one less day to prepare for the surgery, it was all about getting errands done ... and there are A LOT of things to get done.

The good thing about having had a similar surgery before is that I kind of know what to expect and what I'll need after the surgery. Like getting in and out of bed and chairs is really tough - but now I can make sure I have something firm to hold on to so that I can lift myself up (plus I've got stronger biceps and triceps, yay!). There are some things that are too high or too low - and I need to move them so that they are easily accessible. Even other things that I wouldn't have though of before - like getting into my car after the surgery. There's no way I can step up into my tank of a car, and D's car is too low ... so that needs to be figured out. There's also a very high step that leads to the house's entryway ... I'll need a brick or cinderblock to step on in order to make that step ... see, lots of little things, but at least I can be prepared for them.

After a frantic day running around, I still managed to squeeze in an hour at the gym and it was bliss. I just put on my headphones, selected my 'Forward Focus' playlist, and walked. It was heaven. It was just me and the music and steady movement for an hour - no distractions, no other thoughts. I felt SO MUCH better after the workout. Nothing high intensity - I wasn't there to track calories or distance. I just wanted to sweat it out, and it totally helped.

Today is also focused on finishing up my errands ... I'm hoping that I can get another workout it. I also want to come up with a food plan so that I make sure my eating is on track when I'm back home. It's going to have to be really low-maintenance food, but that doesn't mean it's going to be unhealthy. Trying to stay calm, focused, and optimistic.

Optimism inspires, energizes, and brings out our best.
It points the mind toward possibilities and
helps us think creatively past problems.


  1. Your surgery must only be a few days away now. You're doing some good planning! Other than my low energy level and the occasional pain pill for cramping, I honestly was in a really good place within about 5 days. I hope the same for you! Breathe, exercise while you can, make up some food ahead of time. It'll be over soon. Peace :)


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