Saturday, October 1, 2011


I would have loved to have started this post with: I SUBMITTED MY THESIS!!

But I didn't :(

The past five days have been horrible.

The migraine that had been lurking around since before the weekend finally decided to make a full-blown appearance on Monday evening ... along with yet another attack of bronchitis. I immediately had to go to the hospital as I could barely breathe. Do you know how demoralizing it is going from being able to do 1.5-2 hrs of cardio without a problem to not even being able to climb half a flight of stairs without feeling dizzy and being completely out of breath. I felt horrible. Completely depressed. Another bout of bronchitis? I just had one ... even my dr. was surprised. She said it was stress-induced ... the combination of dust in the air, no sleep, and lots and lots of stress was not one my body was ready to handle.

So I stocked up on antihistamines and a new type of antibiotic (stronger than the previous one she said) plus I had my migraine meds ... I tell you, balancing the dosage etc. for 3 types of meds was not easy at all especially when it came to the side effects ... Plus one had caffeine while the other made me feel sleepy - I've been in a zombie state ever since ...

And my thesis? What thesis? {hold on a sec while I finish sobbing}

My PhD supervisor (who has been incredibly supported) suggested I take an interruption (with no penalty) so that I can recover and get back to writing. This way I could avoid submitting something that was only 80% the way I would have liked it to be and take the proper time to do the final edits when I was feeling better. As it stood, there was just no way I could finish the way I'd want to finish with my head all stuffed up, my nose constantly dripping, and coughing fits that make just make me want to die.

So, things haven't been good. I have been so frustrated and down.

I haven't been to the gym. Just another thing to add to my feeling really low and a failure.

Why is it that when I'm working so hard to get everything right that everything just blows up in my face and now I can't do ANYTHING?

Can't breathe. Can't think. Can't exercise. WTF?!

The one 'good' thing - I've been hydrating like crazy. I'm drinking at least 3 L (just over 100 fl. oz) a day if not more of just water - that's not including any milk, coffee, or tea etc. ... I'm usually pretty good with my water intake in any case, so that's really nothing special. My food has been fine. Well, kind of. I've had no appetite so my eating pattern has been a bit off - Mainly soup for dinner and fruits to soothe my throat. It's not easy to enjoy food when you know you can go into a coughing fit at any moment. It sucks big time. I am not happy.


  1. Oh man. I'm sure you're disappointed that you didn't finish like you'd planned. It's crazy how life always finds a way to interrupt at the worst possible time. Feel better soon :)

    I'm not feeling myself either, though I don't have any official illness to blame it on. I've been having migraines too and the neurologist started me on Topamax last week. We'll see if it helps...

  2. It sounds like you have a very cool/understanding PhD supervisor...

    Sending good vibes your way!


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