Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Planks, Push-ups, and Positivity

The next few days will be all about surrounding myself with positive thoughts, positive people, and anything else that brings positive energy ... as well as brushing up a bit of my upper body strength.

My medical leave was approved by the department, and two of my colleagues have agreed to cover the classes that I'll miss. Luckily I'm actually not missing too many classes because of the upcoming Eid holiday.

I spent a few hours with KD another one of the trainers at the gym (Body Combat & Body Pump instructor) and her support and advice was really good. I feel so lucky to have many of the trainers at the gym supporting me. It makes a big difference. I mean, I've got my friends and family, but the trainers are both my friends and family too ... it's such a big difference from 3 years ago.

Losing the strength and fitness that I've developed over the past two years has obviously been a big concern of mine. Perhaps for some people it may not seem like the thing I should be worried about when I'm about to go through surgery ... but it is a big deal. To be honest, the idea of not being able to exercise for almost two months is really freaking me out.

In trying to stay positive, however, I'm reminding myself that I'm in a MUCH better place with this surgery than the last one. During the last surgery I worked out a little but ate like crap ... this time, for the past 2 years I've changed my habits and my approach to food. This time instead of having chocolates and biscuits in the house, there will be lots of fruits and other things that will be healthy and satisfying ... I'm sure (well I hope) that these measures will help me get back on my feet quickly (and not gain weight)!!

My core is going to take a major hit during this surgery, so I'm trying to do a few planks and push-ups throughout the day to strengthen both my arms and my abs. I know I'll need the strength. They're two of my toughest exercises, but I think they're the most important ones for me at the moment. I don't want to overdo it, but I do want to prepare a bit. Tomorrow I hope to focus on cardio.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Love the attitude of not giving up, but working hard up until! You rock!

  2. You're going to do great. Your mindset is good, your body is physically prepared. And just'll all be over soon! That's the best part. Then it's back to living your life with no interference :)

  3. The body remembers! That's why people who were athletic earlier in life have an easier time getting into shape later in life. Your body may temporarily lose some strength/mass in muscle due to inactivity, but you will gain it right back very quickly once you are able to start exercising again, much more quickly/easily than when you first put it on.
    Don't be in a rush to "get back at it", let your body heal...
    The body and mind are synced together, so stay positive, and eat well, and you'll be 100% and improving before you know it.
    Sending good vibes your way!

  4. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Keep it up! I haaaaaate planks, but the are very effective! I like the sign, I could use that at the gym (and at car...etc).


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