Monday, October 24, 2011

Fired Up for Fall - Week 6

My days (along with my moods) seem to be fluctuating a lot lately. I feel distracted. Even though I'm doing everything that needs to get done - eating right, exercising, going to work, studying, socializing - I'm feeling some sort of emptiness/anxiousness. Of course now, with surgery most likely in two weeks, I'm feeling the pressure even more. It's like just when I thought I would be able to settle into a good routine balancing everything out, this comes into the picture and I will have to reassess everything. I'm a bit frustrated, but definitely trying to stay positive.

Now, for Fired up for Fall Week 6!

Part I: Positive Picture

With all the stress that lies ahead, I need to remember to trust myself and be confident. There are so many uncertainties in life, but I can't hold on to the fear that comes with the unknown. I need to look at everything logically and realistically and trust that everything will be fine.


What have you done to achieve your goals this week?
I've made really good progress with my PhD writing. It's going slow, but I decided to take advantage of the three month extension and do my best instead of rush through it and just hand it in. The editing process is tedious, but I like the way it's all coming together.

This week was good in terms of both exercise and food. I managed to do a bit more NROL4W. I do realize, however, with surgery up ahead I will have to put the completion of Phase 2 on hold as I won't be allowed to lift anything/do strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks. We'll see how it goes though. I'll do the best I can until I'm admitted.

I'm still not experimenting much with recipes, but I did make a root vegetable bake that turned out delicious :)

I haven't touched my office since last week, but it's still looking good from the first major clean up. Just a few boxes to go through and then I'll be done.

What have you done this week to make yourself feel fabulous?
Like last week it was friends who made me feel fabulous this week. I was asked to make 'my famous' tomato/cheese quiche for a friend's son's birthday party. As soon as I walked in the door with the trays (2 large quiches) those who knew what it was were excited ... and out of the 10 different foods that were on the table -- my quiches were the first ones to go! I gotta say that made me feel pretty good :)

Do you listen to music when you workout? What gets you fired up?
Music is a MUST! I have playlists for different types of workouts and ones that are designed to pep me up on days that I need a bit of extra help getting motivated for my workout. Lose Yourself by Eminem is always my starting song for when I do weights.
You can find some of my playlists here. Eminem, Ice Cube, P!nk, Pitbull, Prodigy, and lots of house/trance music all make my day at the gym!

What's your guilty pleasure music? How does it make you feel?
My music tastes are definitely diverse ... and I choose what I want to listen to depending on my mood. Guilty pleasure music -- gotta be Britney Spears ;)

If today were a song, what song would it be?
Today's a bit of a strange day - I'm trying really hard to keep my calm and stay focused. I am a bit scared of what lies ahead, yet I have to keep in mind that I am strong and I'm blessed in so many ways, particularly with an amazing support system around me for what I'm going through.

So, today's song - Extraordinary Ways by Conjure One

"I'm lucky, so much luckier than I ever thought I'd be"

Something to always remember ...


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I love it when something I cook/bake is requested and then the first to go at a party. It makes me feel great about myself too.

    Best of luck with the upcoming week!

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I wonder if fluctuating moods are not amplified by the change in season. I have that too and I read a lot of others having that issue. I am usually not... moody.

    I love tomato in quiche. Yours must have been done right. Bad tomato quiche can be an unsightly sogbog.

  3. Prayers for you for your surgery! Hope you heal quickly!

    I've noticed a lot of posts about Britney being the guilty pleasure. I must be missing something!

  4. Love me some Britney Spears! I love dance/house music for workouts too. It's too bad that you won't be able to work out for 4-6 weeks! Phase 3 of NROLFW is something to look forward too!

  5. I have entirely too much Britney on my iPod. I need the dancy/hip-hop stuff for exercise time. And I am slightly mortified at the number of Eminem tunes I have as well. I'm horrified that I literally can't sit still when I hear these filthy, misogynistic numbers(um, 'Shake That' anyone?). Five more weeks until I can exercise again. I keep telling myself my doctor told me NOT to exercise and reminding myself that I have incisions. You will need to sit still as well. As you start to feel better it will be harder. Thanks for recipe link. I'm getting my shopping list together. I'm still home for 2 more weeks. I love quiche!! :) Did you post that one?

  6. Good luck on your surgery! Sounds like your quiche was delicious - I love a nice quiche!

    I can't imagine the work you're putting in on your PhD, but you are so close to done - congrats!


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