Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Confidence in the Weight Room

I knew I was only going to have time for one workout today so I made sure to get to the gym early and make it count.

I warmed up skipping rope - I'm so happy with how much progress I've made in this area. I went for almost 5 minutes without stopping, and when I did it was only because the rope got caught on my shoe, not because I was tired. I'm able to hop on one leg then switch to the other, shuffle around (boxer style), and even throw in a few double unders (by the way, on Monday I managed 12 consecutive double unders! Doesn't sound like much, but definitely a big achievement for me!). After skipping for 10 minutes, my heart rate was definitely up and I was warmed up and ready to begin.

I did weights this morning. It really feels amazing to see improvements in so many areas. It's not just about lifting a lot of weight, but it's also about getting your posture and technique right. It's also about being able to do the movements with control and focus.

I found myself moving around the big weights room with confidence and ease - how different from where I was just a few months ago. It was a moment that made me smile.

Getting to the gym early meant that I had time for a 45 minute cardio session after my weights. It felt good to just zone out to some music and get my sweat on!

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