Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five - Catching Up

Alright everyone. I think I'm finally back on track in terms of being on a more normal hectic schedule versus a frantic one. I think hectic is my norm. It's ok. It's just the way things are in my life.

Even though Jessee has discontinued Friday Five, I think it's a great way for me to catch up on what's been going on.

1) Whole Life Challenge: I've completed my second round of the Whole Life Challenge. I'm quite pleased with how I did.

2) Nutrition Studies: I completed my Specialist in Fitness Nutrition final exam and scored 90% for the course. I'm ready to practice now! I'm very, very excited about this. New business cards coming up soon - what do you think?

3) Next Goal: Become a Personal Trainer
I've wanted to become a personal trainer for several years. Although I know I could have done it, I didn't feel like I had the body to do it, hence I did not have complete confidence in my ability to deliver 'the entire package.' I think I am much, much closer to doing that now. So, because I like to stay busy, busy, busy (plus I need to maintain my normal level of hectic-ness) I've signed up for the ISSA Personal Trainer certification. The course I've enrolled in is 8 months long. I'm really hoping that by the end of those 8 months I'll have reached my goal weight and have the complete confidence to go forward as a personal trainer. (Sorry about the blurry image.)

4) Training: For the past week and a half I've been training in a new fitness studio that has two big boxing bags and a bunch of other equipment that I can use for my kickboxing practice. I love it! I'm getting in 3-4 hours of practice a week which is the minimum I want to do.

5) My motivation for the week: I'm 9 kg away from my goal weight. I really have to put my head down and just do it. I've been working hard. The progress is slow but steady. I have to remember that no matter how frustrating it may all be, the patience and persistence are worth it.


  1. Hi A! Congratulations! You really are awesome in so many ways. We'd be perfect cousins. :D

    Two of my guy gym buddies talked to me about how I'd be a better fitness trainer than our gym's fitness trainers. Their point was, "Marion, you can actually DO amazing stuff in the gym. Many of the trainers don't." They also pointed out that skinny women trainers are not good trainers at all! Skinny just means a person doesn't eat too much.

    Well, A, being a trainer is not all about perfect figures. It is more about capability and knowledge. And I'm positive that whatever fitness trainer training you did have was superficial versus the actual workout knowledge and experience you have.

    That is so amazing to lose 12 pounds in 8 weeks. And 2 sizes down! I have a goal of losing 4 pounds in the next 30 days. :D

    :-) Marion

  2. Hey...that book looks familiar... :)
    Nice business cards!

  3. Slow but steady is best for me too. Congrats on all you've accomplished so far. I have no doubt you will get it all done as planned and find many more things to do too. Inspiring! :)

  4. Wow, what a fantastic Friday 5! Congratulations on passing your test with such high marks. I know you'll reach your weight and your personal training goals when you want to because you're so driven.

    P.S. - I've been loving your IG pics of your pink gloves!

  5. Congratulations on clearing your specialist fitness nutrition with such a hight score :) love your personal trainer goal...looking forward to reading more on that

  6. I'm late in commenting, but I just wanted to say Congrats on your final exam, and great job with the Whole Life Challenge! You're an inspiration!


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