Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Motivation

Been working on sorting out my thoughts and finding some way to find some sort of inner peace. It doesn't come easy. Most days are fine, but there are also several days when I have to just push through - blindly, without too much thought - just keep moving forward and hope that my mind and body will both catch up to each other and end up in the place I want them to be. Right now, I know that I just need to keep on going. Although there are lots of thoughts and emotions to work on, at this moment in time, I have to put that to the side in order to get what needs to be done done.

As much as I believe in being happy and enjoying each moment, I realize that when there are so many goals to work on, sometimes you've just got to think of the bigger picture and work through that. You've got to look beyond that momentary frustration and the desire to perhaps skip a workout or eat something that you know will set you back and just go forward. Living in the moment is good; enjoying the present is good ... but it's also important to make sure that what you want right now does not take away from your ultimate goal.

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