Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Already?

My stress level is off the charts. I haven't had any time to myself, let alone the peace of mind and clarity to write a blog post. There is just way too much going on and I feel my anxiety building.

I definitely used to turn to food before whenever I was stressed/anxious. Now that I'm not doing that anymore (I'm proud and happy to say that), I do find it a bit difficult to find a way to relieve my stress. I already had a killer hour and half kickboxing session, but it just wasn't enough. I feel like so overwhelmed with everything that I need to find something, anything to control -- and I don't know what to do. All I really want to do is lie absolutely still and block everything and everyone out. Hmmm I may try that.

My weight over the past week has gone up 1 kg and down 1 kg. It's so annoying to see. Now I'm hanging at a new low, which is only 1 lb. less than what I weighed 3 weeks ago. What is going on? I'm so frustrated.

I've been so good with my exercise and my food. I've been busy, but I haven't missed a workout; I've been stressed, but I haven't eaten anything bad (and believe me, there's been a lot of temptation). It's so, so, so frustrating when it really feels like you're doing everything right and the results aren't going your way.

I know that this is the time to really hold on and keep pushing forward, but for goodness sake, I can't help but to feel a bit irritated!

Anyway. Just checking in to say that I'm on track with my food and fitness ... it's just the rest of my life that I'm having issues with!

Big tasks for the week:
- prepare my students for their final writing exam (which will be on Wednesday) [this involves hours of consultation and counseling to help calm their nerves and give them the confidence to kick ass]
- get my dad to and from his hospital appointments (mainly on Wednesday & Thursday) [dealing with dad also means somehow surviving our day to day clashes, the biggest of which surrounds food of course; after that it's figuring out how to deal with him giving me advice/suggestions on how to live my life which I just don't want. The 'problem' is that I don't sit back and take it anymore. I talk back, and this just increases the conflict and the tension.]
- get everything planned, ready, and prepared for a bridal shower that I'm throwing on Thursday [I'm a perfectionist; I want this to be terrific. There are so many details to take care of ... it has been tough!]
- chase up my brother's papers with the university administrators [and surviving all the red tape and bureaucratic bullshit that goes along with any type of administration related errand]
- all the usual weekly errands and tasks!


  1. Prayers for less stress this week. I tend to go to food too when stressed; it is a very hard habit to break. You are doing great to have let it go. Now to get rid of the stress :)

  2. Hi A! Well, your Dad being there is just one more stressor on top of the rest of your busy schedule. I'm confident that you'll be back to normal when your life gets back to normal.

    I'm going to refer one of my blog readers to your blog. She's about your age and is fairly new to the gym, though has run for years now, and her goals are basically the things you've already done. So I'm going to tell her to start reading your past blog posts seriously and try to absorb what you say and your fitness routines, and all of the classes you've taken. I guess this turns out to be such a complement to you, A. :D

    :-) Marion

  3. Stress has a physical effect on your body, very often meaning you hold on to weight. It's part of the fight or flight response :)

    Don't sweat it, ride it out and it will pass. Lots of love to you x

  4. You certainly have a busy week ahead of you. I hope that the remainder of your week stays stress free for you.

  5. You certainly have a busy week ahead of you. I hope that the remainder of your week stays stress free for you.


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