Monday, April 15, 2013

Motivation Monday

I often see a lot of blog posts on Monday starting with the resolve to make it right this time ... that the weekend had too many temptations, but that last chocolate chip cookie will indeed be the last one. Monday is when all the determination, will power, and good intentions seem to take over the internet.

After seeing several posts today that reflected this, I thought that maybe people didn't really need any motivation on Monday. The motivation, encouragement, and reminders seem to really be important over the weekend.

I think the bottom line is that you need to keep your goals in mind all the time.

I'm not saying that you need to obsess or freak out over what you're doing all the time, but you do need to be vigilant. It's not supposed to be a punishment. It may take some getting used to, but that's all.

Staying disciplined takes practice. It takes time and effort. Some people say it gets easier, some people say it doesn't ... the truth is, it doesn't matter. If you want to lose weight, then you have to make the effort to do so. Don't think of it as a sacrifice. Think of it as doing something incredibly good and positive for yourself.

Living a healthy life is worth the effort. You are worth the effort. Let's get moving!


  1. Words to live by! I've chosen my hard and I LOVE my choice regardless of the time and effort it takes. I wouldn't say it gets easier, it becomes more "normal" as time goes on. Thanks for the motivation:)

  2. I love the "choose your hard" saying, primarily because it's true. Thanks for posting it!

  3. Hi A! Yes, it doesn't matter why!<<I wish you could have drilled that into my mind many years ago. And it doesn't matter how hard/easy the next person has it for weight/fitness either--Whatsoever.

    I also agree to constantly keep what I call the "vision" of yourself in your mind. Keep present and future so tight in your mind so that present actions accurately reflect future consequences.

    Love this! I'm trying to think if there's a single person who reminds me more of me than you do. We really have the same motivations and logic behind what we do. You seem to have similar curiosity and exploration too. You're right, we'd make perfect gym buddies.

    :-) Marion

  4. You are so very right on this one. Thank you for posting the hard truth:)


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