Thursday, September 1, 2011

2.5 km; 4 in; 7 kg; 30 min.

Ok let's get the academic stuff out of the way -- my presentation went really well :) I felt like I had extra pressure to do well this time because I was awarded a scholarship by BAAL ... Luckily it went by without a hitch and I survived the dreaded question and answer session afterwards. What a relief!!

I had decided to take a bus from the college campus (6 miles away from the city center) to get to my hotel (in the city center) instead of a taxi (and save on the £15 cab fare). I have to say I hate buses. I'm sure it relates back to my first experience on a London double decker bus -- late at night ... and somebody vomited and somebody else yelled 'Legs up! The vomit is rolling!' Talk about a nightmare!! Aside from feeling icky on buses, it's also the anxiety of not knowing which bus stop to get off at that makes me uncomfortable. I know. I could ask. But the bus said City Center which is where I wanted to go ... Anyway.

I got on the bus, paid the £3 fare, and sat until we got to the City Center. Now although my hotel is in the center of the city it's not at the City Center bus stop. In fact, as I later discovered, it's 2.5 km (just over 1.5 miles) away from the bus stop. Now 2.5 km is not bad. After all, I usually do at least 5 on any given day at the gym ... but add the hills, uneven pavement, 4 inch heels (stiletto not wedge) and 7 kg bag in my shoulder ... Need I say more?

There was a point (I was at the bottom of a hill) when I contemplated taking a taxi, but I told myself to just suck it up and push through. It took half an hour but I did it -- and although I'm pleased that I walked the whole way, my feet hate me right about now!

It's ok. I'll use some of my scholarship money and reward them with a great pair of shoes :)


  1. Legs up????? Oh. My. God. How do I not know that story??? *shudders*

    You are a star for both the conference and the holiday workouts!

  2. I'm so happy to hear your presentation went well. I wasn't sure which day it was so I've been sending you good vibes every day this week. That must be such a relief to have it over. Congrats!

    You and your supermodel shoes crack me up. I'm a running shoe girl all the way :)


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