Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Gym Break

Today is my last day in Bristol. I've basically got 2 days in Watford to rest a bit, revise some of my writing, and repack my bags before heading to Canterbury ...

I woke up early and went down to breakfast and enjoyed a delicious bowl of fresh fruits in the riverside breakfast area. It was lovely and quiet - just the right kind of peaceful start before what will probably be a very tiring day of travel.

After breakfast I called down to reception to request a late check-out. Now I know this will probably sound a bit crazy, but I knew that checking out late was the only way I would get my gym workout in (yes, I was determined). So, late checkout secured, workout clothes on, and I was off to check out this gym ...

I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to hotel gyms - especially when they're not big hotels (one hotel gym I went to had 1 treadmill, a broken bike, and a set of 2 kg. dumbbells). This gym was definitely better. Two treadmills, two cross-trainers, and a bike -- plus a bunch of medicine balls, a Swiss ball, and two multi-functional weight benches (one for upper and one for lower body). I was hoping that there would be more weights - I really can't stand the multi-functional weight set ups ... anyway.

I was so happy to be back at a gym ... I know that in England there are lots of opportunities to walk, but this trip just hasn't permitted me the time to just go out and walk. I do like walking outdoors, but I also miss the control of the gym - the calories are counted, the miles are marked ... I find that comforting.

I had intended to do cardio and weights, but given that the weights weren't what I had expected, I ended up doing 1 hour of HIIT cardio -- it felt fantastic! At about minute 45 my left knee started to feel a bit sore (because of my slightly dislocated knee cap -- more on that in another post) so I had to slow it down a bit ... but overall, I worked up a fantastic sweat and felt so good to be able to focus on just my cardio. No heels, no bags, no pedestrians - just me and the treadmill. Finally.

I ended up doing 3 sets of 8 chest presses but didn't bother with anything else. I'll try to squeeze in some resistance work tomorrow.

For now, I'm feeling reenergized and ready to go. {I just hope it doesn't rain!}

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  1. Whew! I worked like a bazillion hours this past week and am finally catching up on your blog. Good for you for requesting the late checkout. I know how good it feels to bust out that run. I haven't been able to run all week but you can be sure I'm getting in 3 runs before we leave on Tuesday! Enjoy your day. Rest up. Hope things go well for you school-wise!


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