Monday, September 12, 2011

FMM: All About Me!

After 3 weeks of being away from Kenlie's FMM, I'm glad to be back into a somewhat regular routine and join in again :)

1. What are your talents? I'm a really good cook and a good planner of events/parties/and stuff in general.

2. What is your best habit? Personalizing gifts I give people - whether it's for a special occasion or a 'just because' gift.

3. If you had to be stuck with someone in an elevator for 8 hours, who would you want it to be? My BFF Raine - we keep each other entertained for hours!

4. Share one odd fact about you that we’d never know to ask. People can never tell where I'm from and get even more confused sometimes when they hear me speak [in what I call a neutral accent] and I tell them that I was born and raised in Kuwait but I'm from Bangladesh [and lived in NY for 6 years for university/work] ... the strangest part, however, is is that I also lived in Kansas for 3 1/2 years when I was a child - people always find that very unexpected!

5. What’s your latest project (work, home, whatever you care to share?) My two main projects at the moment are my PhD, which I'm trying to finish up this month, and losing weight/adopting a healthier lifestyle. Both are tough, but I think I've achieved a lot so far.

6. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? Tough question! My knees!! I hate the way they look!

7. What do you do in your spare time? Spare time? What's that? LOL Lately I've been blogging and reading/commenting on other people's blogs, researching healthy habits and nutrition along, and coming up with/trying new recipes.

8. What is your biggest pet peeve? Just one?! People cutting in line! I hate that!!!! Grrrrr.

9. Why do you blog? I've been trying to make a conscious effort about making positive changes in my life and blogging is a way to express that conscious effort. Plus I realized that I needed more support in terms of this quest to lose weight and live a healthier life ... I'm amazed at how many people there are out there who are going through the same thing. I'm glad I reached out.

10. Are you tidy or messy? Tidy and very organized - though there are times when my desk with piles of research articles etc. would disagree!

11. What’s the last song that played on your iPod? Check yo self by Ice Cube ;)

12. Do you cook? Yes! I love to cook and try new recipes out. Lately the menu has featured lots of fish and veggies. I love to bake too :)

13. Do you like sports? If so, list your teams. Yes! Love sports (hmm maybe that's the unusual thing I should have listed in number 4 above). New York Yankees for baseball, New York Jets for American football, and Arsenal for soccer -- those are my main 3, but really, I'll watch all sports!

14. How often do you read and/or watch the news? Daily - but usually just a glance, only a more proper read/watch on the weekends. I really should read/watch more.

15. Did you stick to your new Year’s resolution this year? If so, elaborate. I didn’t make a specific resolution this year. I have a list of specific tasks and my goal is to just keep working on trying to achieve them - no matter how long it takes. The important thing is to just keep moving forward and try my best.

16. What are you looking forward to most in the remainder of 2011? Finishing my PhD!!!! It's taken up 4 years of my life and I am ready for it to be over!!

17. Shoes, sunglasses or handbags? Shoes, shoes, shoes!!! Ummm and handbags and accessories in general, but definitely SHOES are number one! :)

18. How do you feel about sleeping on satin sheets? I actually prefer good quality cotton or something similar. Satin is too slippery!

19. Do you sing in the shower? No ... I save my singing for solos in the car - I'm amazing when nobody else is listening ;)

20. Describe yourself in one word. Determined.

Now it’s your turn to answer the questions! Don’t forget to come back here and leave your link in the comments!


  1. Hi! Nice to meet you...I am also a rockstar in my car!

    I am SO glad to see a fellow soccer fan in blogland! I blog incessantly about soccer, and NOBODY gets it!

    I feel intimidated by the fact that you are very tidy and organized, and that you are working on your PhD!

  2. Too funny! I swear, I didn't read your answers before I posted mine, but your answers to 18 & 19 are so close to mine!

    Good luck on your PhD - I know when I was working on my Masters, the last few months I just wanted it to be OVER!!

  3. Stopping by from FMM. Congrats on your PhD!

  4. Great answers. I am your newest follower.


  5. Stopping in from FMM! Great answers, and CONGRATS on finishing a PhD! That's an amazing accomplishment!

  6. I'm glad you're back! And wow! I learned so much about you this week. You are basically a rock star (not just in the car!)

  7. Stopping by from FMM and from your comments on my blog.
    Good luck with getting the PhD finished!

  8. I am WAY better at singing in the car!


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