Friday, January 25, 2013

A Bit of Rest and a Bit of a Run

It felt amazing to not have to set my alarm this morning. I still woke up before 7 a.m. but I felt totally rested. I have to say, my quality of sleep has really improved lately. I think has to do with the amount of exercising I've been doing. I've been going to bed tired and falling right asleep, and what's more important is that I've been staying asleep instead of waking up every hour feeling anxious and stressed. It's such a welcome change. During the week I could definitely use a bit more sleep, but for now, I'm very happy with the improved quality of sleep.

Most of the day was pretty calm and relaxing. I had some work to get done, errands to finish up, and as usual some things around the house to take care of. Despite being a relatively relaxing day, I was a bit tired in the afternoon. I thought I'd lie down for half an hour ... that half hour nap turned into a 1 1/2 hour nap! It felt so good though!

I wanted to do a little something in terms of exercise today but I wasn't sure what. I decided to try out a new running track that's been paved near my house. I've seen people walking there but I've never gone to try it out. So, I put on my running shoes and headed out.

The track was ok. The most annoying thing is that the distances were not marked on the track, so I have no idea of the distance that I covered - I'm guessing around 2 1/2 km. I did a combination of walking and jogging and was out there for 40 minutes. It was a lot windier than I had expected.

I'm glad I checked out the track. It's so close to my house that it should make getting out there at least once a week possible. I'm definitely going to figure out the distance for next time though.

I'm going out to dinner tonight and then I'll be making a late appearance at a friend's baby shower.

Today's Workouts
Cardio: 40 minutes - outdoor run/walk
Stretching: 15 minutes
Burpees: 20 {challenge total: 750/20,130}

Today's Food
Breakfast: Egg muffin
Lunch: Vegetable soup and some homemade tuna salad
Dinner: Grilled tandoori fish


  1. Your food sounds so yummy and healthy!!! Good for you to check out the track - 40 minutes of jogging/walking is allot!

    1. Thanks! It's usually a lot of the same stuff day in day out, but I still enjoy it :)

  2. If I did half as much as you do in each day I'd feel like a Superhero:)

  3. So happy to hear that you are sleeping better. That makes a lot of difference for the good. :)

  4. When it comes to quality of sleep I'm normally okay, but I'm definitely a bit envious of your ability to fall asleep straight away! There's nothing quite like that rested feeling :)

    Good on you with the run, it's nice that you have a somewhat running trail nearby, I have to stick it out with the roads full of cars, but it works!


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