Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back at the Gym

I finally went back to the gym today. It was really cold this morning (6C/42F) but at least the sun was out.

The view of the outdoor pool area of my health club - Palms, Kuwait

I'm always a bit cautious after having my bronchitis phases because I really don't want a setback. At the same time, I've taken 9 days off from the gym - 9!!!! I don't even want to think about that number!

I started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill. I threw in a few mild sprints (total 6 minutes) just to test my lungs. The breathlessness after each sprint set didn't feel that great, but I didn't have a coughing fit which is a great sign.

I feel like I've come to a bit of a crossroads with my training (more on that later) so I decided to restart the New Rules of Lifting program. This time, however, I'm doing the men's one (very similar exercises)   just to change up the routine. Plus D is doing the program for the first time so it'll be nice to compare our progress.

So I started off with day one of the warm-up phase of the program. It felt good to be lifting again even though I took it fairly easy and didn't lift too heavy. My body felt quite stiff after all that time off. I'm sure I'm going to feel sore tomorrow!

I was very hesitant about doing burpees today, but I'm already so behind in my count that I had to get it done. So, somehow I banged out 60 burpees (burpees suck) and didn't collapse. That's a good sign.

In the evening I went for my first official taekwondo/kickboxing/jiujitsu class at Sidekick Academy. It went really well. We did tons of push-ups - I really need to work on improving my form! It was my first time working out in a gi. That definitely felt a bit strange. I guess it'll take some getting used to.

All in all, a really good day in terms of workouts. My food for the day was so/so. I ate some bread and cheese which I normally don't do. I really need to stop eating bread. It's all the darn leftover bread from when dad was here. I gotta get rid of it.


  1. Good for you for getting back into it! :) I took like 2 weeks off this holiday and it was SO hard to go back to the gym! I can't even imagine going back after being sick!

    Hope you feel better :)


  2. I hear you on the bread and cheese. I can resist the "light" bread my husband eats but the really good bread is much harder. It's best to keep it far away from me. :)


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