Monday, January 7, 2013

Hospital and Home

Just a quick post to say thank you so much for all the well wishes.

I've been flat on my back since Friday except for a trip to the hospital. I had a really high fever and was fatigued beyond belief.

The doctor put me on 3 days bed rest plus antibiotics and a few other meds.

My appetite and energy level have been absolutely zero.

Today was the first day that resembled something slightly normal - feeling better after showering and having a light breakfast of 2 dates and some green tea.

My dad is here for 5 days, mostly for doctor's checkups, so I needed to muster up some energy to drive him to the hospital. I know he could have taken a taxi but I felt like I needed to get some fresh air. The fresh air did feel good, but boy was I feeling shaky behind the wheel.

Back home now with another cup of tea. I plan on curling into bed with an old season of Top Chef and just dozing.

I hate missing the gym, but seeing as how I find walking from the bedroom to the living room absolutely exhausting, I know there is no way I can do anything else.

Surely in time.

Out of curiosity I had to weigh myself this morning. I knew I had dropped a bit, but I've actually dropped 4 kg (almost 9 lbs) since New Years day. I know it's not a pure loss since I'm ill and don't have a normal appetite, but seeing that low number just kept reminding me that as much as feeling ill makes me crave a bit of comfort food (actually, only my best friend's Mac n' Cheese at the moment), sticking to light soups and nutrient-rich/high energy foods is what I need to focus on first.

Ok. Enough computer time for now. Perhaps a bit of blog commenting later.

Thanks for all the love guys.
It really made me feel warm and fuzzy.


  1. I hope you get back to your normal self soon! Hopefully you won't be on bed rest for too long, best wishes

  2. SCARY stuff, PP! Please rest & take care of yourself. And, on a side note, in January 2008 when I was about halfway through my active weight loss, I got sidelined for a few days by a rotovirus or something that required a lot of emergency rushes to the bathroom, and I lost five pounds...and it STAYED OFF! ;) Odd, but true. I hope you are back up & kicking life in the face very soon, mon ami.

  3. I hope today you'll feel much better and that you are on your way to complete recovery. Don't try to do too much too soon. Take care.

  4. Fresh air feels awesome when you haven't been able to experience it for a while. I'm glad your on the mend!

  5. Time to rest and recharge - Take care energywoman:)

  6. I hope you're on the mend - take it easy!

  7. Oh Baby! I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Rest and relax, doctors orders!! Not listening would be worse in the end! and make recovery longer! Hope youre back to health soon!

  9. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you're starting to mend, hopefully all will be well in a few more days. As for the weight loss, some of it really will be gone - even without the exercise, you're eating less too, and your body burns as it fights the illness.

    Hope you're well soon!

  10. I'm so sorry you've been so ill and hope you continue to improve. Rest and let your body heal. Don't push it because you may have a relapse.

    Take care!

  11. I'm so sorry you're ill. Get well soon. And I always think, you may as well be happy about the positive twist of a bad thing--such as that big weight loss.

    :-) Marion


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