Friday, January 18, 2013

No Equipment, No Excuse!

Since I've worked out each day this week, even twice on some days, I've given myself Fridays as a kind of rest/workout as needed day. I want to push myself, but I don't want to overdo it. I certainly don't want to feel guilty for taking some time to recover if needed.

I wasn't really going to do anything today, but I felt rested enough (and definitely well fed) so I put together a home workout for myself.

I was going to use some of the exercises that Norma wrote about in her blog recently (read this and this). Those workouts called for nothing but some water bottles and a couch. Seriously, no excuse to not doing at least a few of those exercises each day. However, I decided to take it one step further and not use any equipment at all. All you need is your body, a bit of space, and the desire to get it done.

Today's at home workout (total 50 minutes):

Warm-up (5 min)
dynamic stretches (arm circles, leg swings, hip circles, etc. (here's a link for some ideas)


60 jumping jacks

10 burpees
20 lunges per leg
10 burpees
20 ab crunches
10 burpees
20 deep squats
20 sets of 2 left jabs + 2 right crosses
10 burpees
20 butt raises
20 push ups (regular, on knees or toes)
10 burpees
20 side leg ups per leg
10 burpees
20 kneeling leg kicks per leg
10 burpees
20 reverse curls
10 burpees

20 sets of 2 hooks/side & 2 jabs/side
10 burpees
20 bicycle crunches
10 burpees

60-sec plank hold

Cool down (15 minutes)
I combined basic cool down stretches (examples here) with some of my usual yoga moves

[At the end of this workout I realized I only had 20 burpees left to make it 120 (I'm trying to do 60 a day and I'm really behind) so I went ahead and did them. 

An hour and I'm done. 

Take some time, put together your favorite playlist with some heart-pumping tunes and get to it!


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    1. It felt really good to get it done! The endorphins totally kicked in :)

  2. Replies
    1. Just takin' my cues from you Norma! :)

  3. I love all of these..they make you feel so good..


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